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I have a old print I would like more info about. I is by Luc Oliver Merson. The name on the bottom is "Le Repos En Egypt" It has a woman sleeping between the front legs of a Spinx, man asleep on the ground, donkey standing with it's saddle on ground behind it and a fire that is buring out and just smoldering. Any info on this print woud be appreciated.
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Luc Olivier Merson.
Rest on the Flight into Egypt, 1879.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

You would have to have the print inspected to work out what type of print it is and whether it is valuable. It would seem to be a reproduction of the original painting. Is it in colour? Is it signed anywhere?
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Modern reproductions of the image seem to have been available recently.
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Do you mean an explanation of the subject matter, as well?

If so- it's an imagined representation of Mary and Joseph "stopping for the night" on their flight into Egypt.

Whether they slept at the feet of the Sphinx is, of course, matter for debate.
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