Who did the beautiful concept art for Elebits?
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IGN.com posted some of the original concept artwork for the new game, Elebits, and it's graphically stunning. Do you know who the artist is? What other work is he/she responsible for? (Be nice; I'm new!)
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Here, here and here for samples of the concept art. I can guarantee that the credits in the game will give you an artist's credit, but I can't find a listing online.
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According to the booklet, the Lead Artist is Hiroaki Sonobe. However, Takashi Tsuchiya is credited as Opening Movie Lead Artist, and nearly all the concept artwork is used there.

There are a ton of credits for different artists, but those seem like the most likely.

Not to derail, but this game is awesome.
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After reading the credits page I can narrow it down to likely one of these:

Character Artists
Shiho Yonemaru
Yukiko Nishimura
Hiroki Nakamura

Shigeya Suzuki
Saori Yashuhiko

Opening Movie Artists
Takashi Tsychiya
Yoshie Suzuki, Shingo Yuri, Naoki Tarama, Shigeye Suzuki

There are a few other artists but they are animators, 3D artists. If I spelled a name wrong sorry, it's tiny font and japanese (?) names.

Hope that helps.

The game itself is a bit disappointing - the gameplay graphics are okay, but the store is lame, and the game quickly becomes redundant.
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the game is really fun but it has probably the worst voice acting ever.
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Add another possibility...producer Shingo Mukaitouge apparently has some drawing skillz.
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