Reliable cab company in Berkeley?
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I need a recommendation for a reliable cab company to take me from Berkeley to Oakland Airport. I do not want to use Super Shuttle or BayPorter because they make stops and pick up other people. I am traveling very early in the morning and would rather spend a few extra dollars on a cab. Suggestions?
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I've had very good luck with Bay Area Checker- it's pretty much a one-woman operation, and if you're lucky you'll actually get picked up in a Checker. Toni is great, and if she's booked, she'll refer you to someone equally reliable. You need to book a bit in advance though- she's often busy. Her number is 510-612-6546.
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Oh, for god's sake. (Also promising: 1, 2)
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Actually, rkent, I've been left stranded more than once by Berkeley cabs that never showed, so I understand the desire to get a referral for a reliable cab company.
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A "limo" should be approximately the same price as a cab. They can send you in a Town Car or some such.
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Yeah, all Bay Area cab companies are about 80% "reliable" - last time I had to get to OAK at 6 am I rented car the night before. It's still probably more effective to ask your neighbor than to query the entire interweb for a cab company. Hope you made your flight.
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