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Does anyone have a recommendation for matting / framing in NYC?

I realize that this is a somewhat basic question, but I've asked dozens of people and haven't received a solid recommendation.

For Christmas, I received a signed litho of Chris Mars's Horseshoes & Hand Grenades painting. I want to have the print framed so it looks approximately like the painting did on the cover of his Horseshoes & Hand Grenades CD. Unfortunately, there are a bazillion places in NYC that could do this, and I'm having no luck distinguishing between them. I don't need this to be museum quality, and cost is an issue, but I am really excited about this print and would like to be able to hang it in my office. It's been sitting on my counter for two months, and I'm feeling increasingly guilty about it.
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I like the shop on Great Jones between Broadway and Lafayette - I think it's called Frameworks. They just framed eight pieces for me and did a nice job.
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They do museum-grade stuff? Would you trust them to do a good job on same?
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I have a weird feeling they may have closed, but give it a shot.
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Whoops, not closed but they moved down to Hudson. Check the URL at the bottom of the page.
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Best answer: Last time I needed to frame a poster I went to the Pearl Paint Frame Shop on Lispenard (behind Pearl Paint on Canal).

They did a good job (perhaps not museum-quality, but good enough for me), and I was able to save a little money by having them mount it and assembling the frame myself.

And yes, the poster had been sitting in my closet for months before I finally got off my ass and got it framed.
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Best answer: Goldfeder is the top shop in the city but they are fantastically expensive. Frameworks did nice work for me on some irreplaceable photographs up to 20" x 24" - the matting is perfect, and the backs are papered and taped - for about $125 per.
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anyone have recommendation for cheap frame shops in the city? i have something i'd like framed -- one of the justice league alex ross posters -- but i don't want to spend very much on it since it was, after all, a 7 buck poster. extra points if it's on the upper west side, near union square or the village.
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