Need help finding a Far Side cartoon.
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Need help finding a Far Side cartoon.

There is a Far Side cartoon which shows a couple of surgeons around a body on a table. One of the surgeons is holding his hand out to the side above a dog who is sitting below. It's as if he has a tasty morsel between his fingers, and the dog is paitiently waiting below for him to drop it.

If anybody could point me to a link to this cartoon, or help in some other way, I want to print this out for my doctor brother for a gift.

If you happen to have it, and would be willing to email, it could be sent to me at gummo007 at yahoo dot com.

Thanks in advance.
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I remember that cartoon. I believe it was one that was never printed. It was in a "treasury" type collection that had a chapter of rejected cartoons.

I believe this was the book it was in.

I only just recently sold that book at a yard sale. Sorry!
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...aaaand... thanks to the magic of Amazon's "Search Inside", the cartoon is on its way to your email address.
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If anyone wants to see the cartoon in question, use Search Inside and look on page 176.
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Why don't you contact Larson directly? Then you can call the 1-800 number and see what you can order by phone.

He's my favourite cartoonist and he's made it clear more than once that he would like people to respect his copyright.
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Oh, here's permission requests too, if you'd rather email than call.
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bondcliff: What was the search term? You can't really go directly to a page on amazon's search inside.
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You can search for "rejected cartoons" (the section it's in) and then move forward.
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Funny, I can't see it now.
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Thanks bondcliff.

That was some pretty efficient web-fu.

And thanks for the new trick. "Amazon Search Inside/cartoon archive".
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