What are some examples of efficient, non-linear page layout?
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We're trying to design a choose-your-own-adventure holiday planner in our magazine. What are some examples of efficient, non-linear page layout we could use?
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Are you restricted to a single page or can you go hog wild? Hard to answer without knowing more but one idea is to run it in smaller sidebars throughout the book. Or there's always the flowchart format. Is that what you mean?
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Package the magazine in a transparent plastic bag. Include a deck of cards. The choices from each card would lead them to whatever other card, ending up at a final result. For added points, include recipes or whatever on the final cards, as well as spaces to put in, say, flight times and hotel names. Final added bonus: include a magnet so they can hang the final card on the fridge.

Costly, sure, but it could work.
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Response by poster: It would have to fit in as little space as possible... Preferably a single page.
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This is why people hire graphic designers! But if one cannot be called upon then I'd recommend, for inspiration, you definitely look at how Chris Ware organizes his pages. It's really sick how good he is at creating a dynamic design with a ton of info on a single page.
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