Word slowdown after installing CS2 on Mac.
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I recently installed Adobe's Creative Suite CS2 on my MacBook Pro. Since then, I've experienced an almost unbearable slowdown in Word. There must be some connection--anyone else have this problem?
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My Word tends to load really slowly, I think it might have to do with the number of fonts I have (which could be what's going on). Does it work slowly overall or just loading up?
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Are you trying to run both Word and one of the Adobe apps at the same time? The PowerPC emulator (Rosetta) can take a lot of memory to do its work, so you probably are just running low on memory -- how much RAM do you have? More always helps.
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Response by poster: I have 2gigs of Ram, and even when I'm running Word on its' own it's really, really slow, especially when switching between windows. I get the disco ball whenever I switch between open Word docs, and that never happened before. Definitely not a Ram issue, or having too many apps open.

Any other ideas?
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Did you do the standard troubleshooting checklist? Toss preferences, fix permissions, etc.?
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Response by poster: I've fixed permissions, but not tossed the prefs. Is that standard? How would I do that?

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If you installed Acrobat with CS2, could it be related to the Acrobat plugin for Word?
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Having a large number of fonts can be an issue for Microsoft Word, as starman said.

On windows there's a adobe plugin for word called PDFMaker, which can have deleterious effects on word's performance. There may be something like that on Mac as well.

My bet is the fonts though.
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I also think it is the fonts. Word has a terrible time with systems that have a lot of fonts installed.

Welcome to Microsoft engineering for the Mac.
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yeah, the fonts. CS2 comes with Fonts. Word is a bitch once you get beyong X number of fonts.
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If it is the fonts, you can disable them with the FontBook app. And then, of course, re-enable fonts when you want them.
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Word running through Rosetta gets staggeringly slow when you start adding things like large bitmaps, so if you've started using more images in your documents since installing CS2 that might explain it..?
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Is there anything like OLE on Mac that could be the source of the conflict? On my PC, there's an "Adobe Photoshop Image" that appears on my "objects" list in Word.
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Try reinstalling Word. My Excel got slower and slower to open, and started creating zillions of files in my trash can every day. A nice clean reinstall whipped it back into shape.
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I just had a similar problem. Running the Unix-tasks using Maintidget made it well again. You can use similar tools, like Yasu, Cocktail, Onyx, etc, or just run
sudo periodic daily monthly weekly
from the Terminal.
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I also vote FONTS. It might've wrote over one of MS Word's precious crappy fonts - MS is particularly picky. I once deleted a font and Entourage stopped working and all I got was an ERROR 18. When I went to MS HELP DB - this was the answer to search for ERROR 18?

Error 18 ... (wait for it)

"is an Error message"

$2 Billion dollars worth of server, lines of code and software to tell me that?

I finally re-installed everything and once all the fonts were back - no matter how useless they seem ...

Also check out: Linotype FontExplorer X

FREE for managing fonts.
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