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Looking for a good Montreal bar

I am in town from Toronto for the weekend, and looking for a good bar to grab a beer in Montreal. I am looking for a cozy atmosphere with good music (nice mix of old rock, indie, reggae, etc.), somewhat crowded and attracts a 20something crowd. Nothing chic or expensive, I'm looking for a bit of grit. Toronto-bars that are similar to what I'm looking for: Sneaky Dee's, The Green Room, Embassy, Queenshead. Any suggestions?
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Les Escogriffes at 4467A St-Denis, near Avenue Mont-Royal. You might find other places you'd like on that corner.
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I've never actually gone there, but I believe Bifteck on St-Laurent also has the cheap, gritty vibe you are looking for.
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Going north on Saint Laurent starting at Pine, any of the following places might suit you: Bifteck (as mentioned), Miami, Copacabana, Reservoir (actually on Duluth just east of Saint Laurent, it's an excellent microbrasserie), le Divan Orange, Casa Del Popolo (if there's no show on, which is unlikely), Sargent Recruteur, and, a little further north, Green Room and Pharmacie Esperanza (not just a bar but is open late and serves cheap beer). Quite a bit further north along Saint Laurent, but worth the trek, is Vices et Versa, which at any given time has about 15-20 microbrew beers from various microbrasseries around the city. Another good microbrasserie, on Laurier just west of Saint Laurent, is Dieu du Ciel; always crowded and fun.

Of all these, Copacabana is my favourite for cheap grit, Pharmacie Esperanza for a Green Room feel and good cheap hippie food, and Reservoir for excellent beer.
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If you do go to Copa (my recommendation), say hi to Carlos, the best gay Portuguese bartender on the Main.
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Winnie's on Crescent?
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Louigi's list is great, and that's definitely the area you should be looking at, but note that Bifteck is below Pine. Also try Else's at 156 rue Roy est.
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Bifteck is great for cheap booze, the Reservoir might be a better choice for a good beer.

Don't be afraid to go to go a little eastern into more french speaking neighbourhoods like st-denis street and Mont-royal avenue. You'll enjoy the Billy Kun or the Plan B on Mont-royal near st-denis.
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I was in Montreal this summer and we mostly hung at Bifteck and Reservoir. Both recommended.
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Bifteck is gritty, Else's is cozy, Copacabana is ok, and you can always go upstairs to Kurova's after to hear the music you just mentioned, plus a bit of old school funk. Green Room would be good too, but further up the main.
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There is a bar called Green Room in Mtl. It's called Green Room / Salon vert. 5386, Saint-Laurent (just south of St-Viateur). Good mix of people. Indie Rock mostly.
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