Need a graphic metaphor to illustrate progress
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I am helping a volunteer group collect donations. I need something other than a thermometer or a mountain climber to graphically illustrate our progress. HELP!
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A horizontal progress bar. I know I've seen a lot more of those than mercury thermometers or mountain climbers.

Ideally, it could be related to the type of work the volunteer group does.
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VU meter.
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Some of old borland installers used a car's instrument cluster, with the gauges redlining as they neared completion.
posted by WinnipegDragon at 1:26 PM on December 15, 2006

leaves on a tree, chritmas balls, string of lights that get "lit' for each n dollars

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What is the purpose of the volunteer group? What are you raising donations for? Perhaps some imagery can be inferred from those answers?
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How about a piggybank with dollar symbols that get filled in for every n dollars?
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A hot woman with bits of clothes that come off for every n dollars!
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How about an animated Rube Goldberg-like device which plays to a threshold at each stage, but goes to completion only after meeting the goal (assuming this is all online)?
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I agree with Thorzdad, something to do with whatever your organization does.

Eg: Start with a line of 100 outline kids, and fill in the outlines with a happy kid picture for every 1/100th of your goal reached.

Or the flip side: Start with a picture of 100 of whatever you are defeating (eg sickle cells), and show progress by showing them with X's through them.
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A race of some sort: start line and finish line, road/track in between and a runner/car/horse/etc. as the marker
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Chipin may help.. its a donation collection widget you can put on your website and it will track your progress to your goal, as well as facilitate online donations through paypal, I think.
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