Laundryful in Seattle.
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I have washed my last load of laundry. Never again. I'm looking for a good laundry service that will pick up/drop off in West Seattle, or if you don't know about Seattle share with me your tips/nightmares for finding a good laundry service.
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Can't help with Seattle. A good fluff & fold is one of life's great luxuries, which I enjoyed for a number of years when single. Now married, my nightlife affords more time for laundry, and the cost/benefit equation has changed. Never had pick up/drop off however, that's taking it to another level altogether.

Mine always charged by the pound, so I hung my towels for a day to dry out - why pay to wash water? Service was same day.
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I used to have a laundry service, but no pickup/drop-offs. It was basically a place that did laundry by the pound, but would let you pay ahead for a certain number of months at a substantial discount, as long as you only did one (10 lb maybe?) bag a week. It was typical wash/dry/fold.

It was definitely nice, although honestly I still used to leave it sitting out in my laundry basket, because what I get lazy about isn't folding the laundry per se, but putting it away into drawers and organizing it. So about half the time I'd end up having to refold it anyway; YMMV. I can't really justify the expense anymore, but it was definitely a nice luxury.

You might try finding a place that does by-the-pound service and trying that for a few weeks to see if you like the idea. Most "good" dry cleaners (as in, places that actually do dry cleaning and laundry on-site, and aren't just storefronts for off-site service) offer it, at least in places I've lived here in the Northeast. I have no idea what a good price per lb is these days though.

I guess the biggest thing would be to find a service that fits into your life easily enough so that you're not just replacing your laundry-related stress with laundry-service-related stress (getting your stuff together, getting the bag to the truck on the right day so you can get that piece of clothing back when you need it, feeling like you're using enough to get your money's worth, etc.).
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