What was the odd music at Seaworld's puffin and penguin room?
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What is the name and artist of that incredibly bizarre music that was played 6-7 years ago at the Florida Sea World penguin and puffin house? They might be still using it today but I would not know. I asked several employees and they claimed to had no idea what it was, and they hated it because it played over and over again all of the time! I can't really describe the music because I have never heard anything like it in my whole life. (it was fairly abstract)
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Longshot here. There was a fast-paced commercial out a few years ago for Sea World, with jumping orcas and other stuff, and there was a fun, tribal, mid-90's techno-dance song playing in it called The Child (Inside), by Qkumba Zoo. Never been to Sea World and don't know if the song in the penguin house is the same as the one in the commercial. This one is maybe not so bizarre as you describe and so maybe isn't it, but you can hear a sample at iTunes.
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Thanks for the try but that is not it.

I seem to recall this music (if you can call it that) had clucking like sounds (sort of).
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