Online, customizable barebones PC vendors other than Monarch?
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Can any mefites suggest some alternative barebones PC builders other than Monarch? Looks like they've fallen on hard times just as I'm gearing up for a new machine.

I used Monarch for my last two machines because I am happy to put most of the rig together, I just dislike dealing with putting together the mobo/processor and installing the mobo in the case.

Any other online vendors that will let you choose your parts without having to build an entire working system? I've got plenty of hard drives, optical drives, video card, etc that I don't need or want to buy with a new machine.

posted by Jase to Technology (9 answers total) 4 users marked this as a favorite will sell you a motherboard, processor, memory, fan, heatsink, and for like $9 extra (last I checked) they will put all those together and test it to make sure it boots before they mail it to you. I've used them for years; good stuff.
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I've had good experiences with Directron.
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Best answer: I'll second Directron, they're great. Had zero problems with a machine they put together for me almost four years ago. I specified each part individually and then had them install them all for $35. Couldn't have asked for more. They even called me to suggest an alternative part which they thought would work better and was cheaper.
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TigerDirect sells barebones machines.
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Third on Directron. When I worked for a school district, they sent us the parts to make 23 barebones PCs. Had only one issue and they made it right in short order.
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Buy parts from and stick 'em together with the parts you currently have, and bingo, you've got yourself a barebones PC.
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I'll second Shuttle. I just replaced my monstrous, wheezing lumbering tower PC with a svelte Shuttle SN25P:

It was really easy to install the CPU, memory, HDD and surprisingly spacious for a small form factor case. It's nice and quiet and surprisingly powerful...
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I usually buy all the parts and assemble it all myself ... I've had good luck with the following:

And heard good things about Mwave.

Newegg does do some barebones:

So what's up with Monarch?
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