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Is there a term for the close-cropped hairstyle (similar to buzzcuts, I suppose) that a lot of gang members wear? It's not a ball fade, but something like that? I'm thinking of mostly Latino gangs.
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You mean the caeser cut?
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I looked up caesar cuts on wikipedia and their caesar cut isn't what I think of as a caesar cut. But I would say caesar too.
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do you have a photo, tommassit?
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I don't know any gang guys with a caesar. All I can think of is the "home-made" They take it down with a #1 or 2 all the way around. And yea, a photo would be helpful, 'cause it doesn't sound like you're thinking of the gang thing.
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I do mine with a #1 over my entire head and nothing else - no fades or anything. You mean like this?

No, on the right. Look to the right dude.

That's longer than it is when I initially do it but it's all one length.

I am very excited by the possibility that I could be in a gang!
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phearlez, that is a hilarious photo. Yes, that sort of buzz, sans fade. or like this guy, or this one.
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tommassit, yea, those guys have a straight up #1 all the way.
Once or twice a week you just get out the clippers and knock it down. Incredibly low maint and looks tough as nails. I would do it but my wifey won't let me.
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I'm pretty sure that's called either :

I'm-too-tight-to-pay-for-a-haircut-so-I-asked-my-brother-to-do-it -when-we-were-drunk-and-he-made-a-mess-of-it-and-so-I-had-to -shave-it-all-off cut


it's very similar to the neo-nazi cut that Russell Crowe sports in Romper Stomper
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It says "prison" to me, but I'm about as far from a Latino gang expert as you can get.
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Military Cut? Thats what I ask for.
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I'm military, lazy, and have a frontal peninsula. I run a #1 over my scalp on Sunday nights. All around. Real gangsta.
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I call it the i-got-clippers-to-keep-up-my-mohawk-but-eventually-got-tired-of-it-and-shaved-it-all-down

not sure if that's the street name though
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Around here we like to call it the Titus Pullo. Its appearance is met with a degree of approval difficult to explain.
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I am not in a gang. My brother has never cut my hair. I didn't get clippers for the sake of a mohawk that I am not admitting I ever had. I am not in a prison in the traditional sense, though I suppose you could make some kind of emo kid claim about existential angst and choices.

Myself and the other people I know with the cut - who are a combination of cheap and unmotivated by hair - call what we do to our heads "a number one," which is a reference to the height of the clipper setting, not bathroom code. If I wanted to give it a longer name I'd call it the I-wish-I-was-just-bald-naturally-so-I-didn't-have-to-deal-with-this-upkeep.
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It occurs to me that the above was not at all helpful. Sorry.

My point was that despite having had this haircut for about 6 years now (at least when it's not shaved bald) I have never once heard it referred to by any definitive name. Perhaps that's just that people figure it's my head, I should know what the hell I am doing to it (ha!) but given how many people I have heard inaccurately call it a crew-cut I do not think that's the case.

"Close-cropped" is as close to a definitive name as I think you can get for this.
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It's a buzz cut, but I've also heard it referred to as a crew cut as well.
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Sorry to enter this so late, but do you by any chance mean a "line?" It's a very short cropped look, almost like a buzz cut, but with a straight line shaved across the forehead. The two best haircuts I could find are of Jay-Z, but I see the look mostly on Latino youths.
Jay-Z 1

Jay-Z 2

You'll notice that that is not his natural hairline and it is just shaved like that.
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