REGEXpert help needed!
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Regex experts: I need a regular expression to help trim some lines in a text file. I haven't done regex in some time and I'm not having any luck with this. Hope it'll be easy for a wiz.

I have a text file with almost 3,000 e-mail addresses. The format per line is supposed to be:
[address], [name]

But many are:
[address], [address]

The system I'm importing to will not allow two addresses on a line, so I have to trim those instances to simply be:
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If you can assume that all of the e-mail addresses have @ signs and none of the names do, then you can do this:

perl -pe 's/^([^@]+@[^@]+), .*@.*$/\1/'
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Here's a rough and dirty stab at that:


\S means "any non-whitespace character".
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Which address would you keep, under those circumstances? Always the first one?

And are you using sed?
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And as a naughty, naughty tag on; does anyone have a quick and easy way to strip out everything else in a file except for URLs? This would make exporting of Tab Mix Plus's saved sessions a doddle.
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dance, here's the regular expression I use for finding URLs:


That's a start.
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dance: from on CPAN, with over 18k test cases:

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If """^([^,]*?),[^@]*$""" matches, replace the line with the captured result.
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Ugh - thanks much gang, but I'm working within NoteTab Pro which can do regex to some degree but it's apparently not totally compatible with the Unix implementation. I had to take it all into Excel temporarily and do some funky sorting and search/replace to clean it up. But I sure appreciate the efforts... AskMeFi continues to rock!
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Wow, thanks - I had no idea there was a library of regex expressions. Now to figure out how to get TextWrangler/BBEdit to dump the results of seach into a new doc...
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and Tubes, thanks for hosting my tag-on so graciously!
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