Pet-friendly Austin hotels?
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We're moving to Austin, Tx and need a pet-friendly, inexpensive, and centrally located hotel.

We'll be flying down from Seattle with two cats and we're looking to stay in a hotel for four nights with the buggers while we search out housing. Any tips?
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I'm not sure which is the more central location, but Red Roof Inns are always cheap and clean, and both Austin locations allow pets.
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I found out driving across the country with my two large dogs that most hotels will actually accept pets, often with only a small fee of, say, $10 per night. Few, if any, hotels will advertise these policies, though. (I think it's akin to smoking rooms--they all have them, but you never see signs saying, "Come enjoy our smoking rooms!") Call places ahead of time and get their pet policies. Holiday Inn was always fine with the dogs.
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There's nothing on the Austin Motel website about their pet policy, but it's worth giving them a call. Many of the chain hotels in downtown proper will be more expensive and might have hefty parking fees.
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There's a La Quinta near the airport that's pet friendly and easy access to the rest of the city via Riverside. It's new and a nice reasonable place to stay. Only about 5 miles from the capital.
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I stayed at that Red Roof Inn south location when I was looking for a place in Austin. It's fine and cheap and near the airport. I wouldn't recommend the north location because it's not near the airport or downtown. Neither are "centrally located" but it's not a huge issue unless you don't have a rental car. Most of the hotels downtown are high-end (four seasons) or conference style (Hilton), but there is a Hampton Inn (doesn't allow pets) and La Quinta (pets welcome).
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I second the Austin Motel idea, as long as they take pets. My hunch is that they will. It's reasonably priced and emphatically not a chain hotel.
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I travel quite a bit and have two requirements--pet friendly and hi speed internet. All La Quintas meet these criteria. I also use Orbitz as it allows you to select based on additional criteria. Select hotels and then check "additional features" right below "find". Good Luck
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