Where can I troubleshoot CSS online?
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What are some good web development links or discussion lists with an emphasis on CSS development to help me troubleshoot some problems with a new site of mine? Mozilla and Safari aren't rendering my CSS correctly (it's fine in IE) even though I thought I was being careful in how I coded it. I'm a member of CSS-discuss and have posted my issue there, but the nice people who tried to take a look at the problem have been stumped. I've also read through the archives at scriptygoddess and a list apart. Help!

Note that I'm not mentioning the site's actual URL in deference to this MetaTalk post. This is a cry for help, not hits. :-)
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oh boy. there are a lot:






for starters.
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i was thinking about redoing my whole website in CSS to get rid of the unsightly html tables, and these links are great!

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Excellent links show up on a daily basis here.
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ouch. no wonder float doesn't work the way i want it to, it's buggy in basically everything according to that rich in style list.
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As an aside, I'd give up on getting things to work in Safari, whose CSS rendering is so horrendously bad that trying to design for it is a sucker's game.
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I'd give up on getting things to work in Safari, whose CSS rendering is so horrendously bad

We've barely had any problems here and most of those are probably attributable to the fact our test machine is still running 1.0 or some early release because we haven't upgraded the os. It's definitely got some graphic rendering bugs, but everything else has been ok so far. The box model is right; all else is gravy.
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