How can I keep my paintball mask from fogging?
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I'm new to paintball and getting addicted. But I have one problem -- humidity. Is there a decent (but cheap) solution for fogging of a paintball mask?

I also wear glasses.
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They make de-fogger for swimming goggles. Maybe that would help.
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A thin layer of baby oil on the lens will help prevent it from fogging and lasts a bit longer than spit, only not as easy to apply.
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A fan. I can't remember the company, but back in the day I used a little battery opporated fan that replaced the top plate/bracket on my mask. Worked 100%.

Here's a link to a couple ideas. But I don't see exactly what I used.
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Look into thermal lenses and anti-fog spray. Both work really well.
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I have glasses, and always have fogging problems both on the goggles and on my glasses.

The fasce-mask goggles get rubbedf inside with a very thin coat of dish soap. (Squeeze a little on, then buff until it's dry.... a very thin soap film will remain, and keep any fog from forming). My glasses get hit with anti-fog between every game.

Keeps my vision clear the whole time.
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Lots of solutions [via google] here.

[My answer would have been a potato.]
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I buy non-fog goggles. They're built like dual-pane windows ... same technology as no-fog face shields for motorcycles.

Check at your local paintball supply store.
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Thanks for all the replies! There isn't a paintball shop here. The park rents out stuff, but they don't sell and they're not very helpful. That's why I needed help from Ask Metafilter.

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