Dual-head remote desktop
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How can I get to applications on a second monitor over Remote Desktop?

I am connecting from a one-monitor WinXP machine to a two-monitor WinXP machine over Remote Desktop. There are several applications running on the remote machine, but they are located on the monitor 2, and I can only see the contents of monitor 1 in my remote desktop window. How can I get to the applications? Thanks!
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Best answer: Right click on the icon on the task bar, goto move, press one of the arrow keys, and then wiggle the mouse to bring it onto the display.

Vista's RDC supports dual displays. So does logmein.com.
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Response by poster: press one of the arrow keys

I never would have thought to do that. It works perfectly -- thanks very much!
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Vista's RDC supports dual displays.

And it's available for download for XP.
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The client is, it doesnt support the new features unless you connect to a Vista client, or Vista server (yea, i know thats not the technical name).

Vista RDC client to an XP desktop = 1 display.
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Damn. I had grabbed it in the hopes of adding a second monitor at work, but I see that you're right, SirStan.
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Regarding dual monitors: If you setup your local machine with "desktop spanning" (usually a video driver/utility option), you should just be able to run RDC in fullscreen mode across both screens. It's depressing how many Windows programs don't really support multiple screens.

It kinda works on a triplehead too, but the resolution maxes out before it fills all three screens.
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