Ich ben ein sufganiyah
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Can you get great sufganiyot in Nassau County?

I'm looking for a bakery that makes terrific fresh sufganiyot. (That's Israeli jelly doughnuts for the non-Jews out there.)

Is there anyplace in Nassau County, NY, that has 'em? Or am I going to have to venture into the city or make my own? If it looks like I have to make my own, bonus points for a simple recipe and ideas on how to do it without anything resembling a deep fryer.
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i don't know where to get some, but if you do, i want one
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Best answer: There must be at least 3 or 4 kosher bakeries on central avenue in Cedarhurst alone.

I'm sure they'll all be selling sufganiyot soon, if they're not already.

Here's one of the big ones.
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Mt. Pleasant Bakery, Schenectady close enough?

Have you asked the local JCC?
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Response by poster: jourman2: Cedarhurst makes sense. I'm wondering, though, more about the quality of the product than its mere availability... any specific bakeries you can vouch are on the extra-tasty side of things?

Pollomacho: Fun story about the Mt. Pleasant bakery! As for the local JCC... well... a lot of the people I've talked to go to Wall's in Hewlett, and I don't really enjoy their stuff, so I'm hoping to find someplace better. Local word of mouth is failing me!
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Best answer: I do not know the first thing about Nassau county. And I'd never even heard the word "sufganiyot" before this evening.

Try chowhound.com

I'll bet that, within an hour and a half of posting there, you will find the one guy there who has devoted his waking hours to the pursuit of the perfect sufganiyot and can recite the hours, locations, URLs, workplace politics and counterpersons' birthdays of the local sufganiyoteries at the drop of the proverbial hat.

I think he'd be happy to help you.
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