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Where can I buy Worms for my Mac (preferably pay for and download online so I can play it right now)?

Ever since I played it on a friend's PC the other day, I've had a hankering to play some of this fantastic game. Ideally, I'd like to get Worms: Armageddon (it's what my friends play, and it would be cool to do some networked multiplayer), but Worms 2 would suffice. I am less interested in Worms 3D (although it looks fun). I realize that the latter can be had on ebay, but I'm not having any luck with any of the others.

Team 17's Armageddon page and the wiki page lead me to believe that it was made for the Mac, but I can't find anything about it anywhere else!

I have an iBook, so any sort of Intel/Windows-related workarounds are out. If I had a snazzy MacBook Pro, I'd have been playing this game hours ago.

Email in profile if you have any *ahem* other ways of getting it.
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Response by poster: Postscript: there is apparently a game called Worms Blast, which is some sort of puzzle game. Not interested in this one either.
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Best answer: Here
Theoretically it's abandonware* so you don't even have to pay. Just download and enjoy.

*a legal grey area at best.
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Also, it requires Classic.
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Response by poster: Fantastic! If anyone has any info on Worms 2 and/or Armageddon, that would be appreciated as well (dare I say, more so?).
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Response by poster: Shoot. Not to over-post in my own thread, but, levkar, those downloads aren't working. I'm getting a .sit file with nothing in it.
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I'm pretty sure that Worms 2 was Windows-only. From the Wiki: The engine was completely redesigned using Microsoft's DirectX for the second generation Worms series...
(emphasis mine)
The wiki goes on to say that Armaggeddon was designed to be an update to Worms 2, so I'm guessing you're not going to have any luck there.

Did you try both download links? 'Cause it downloaded fine for me.
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Response by poster: OK, yeah, the download ended up working out. Classic is kind of wonky on my iBook; I'll play around with it later on.

I could have sworn that I saw someone playing Armageddon on a Mac... maybe he was running it on Parallels or some such. Is it true, then, that I am SOL?

Thanks, levkar, for all of your help.
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Best answer: Worms Armageddon was cancelled by Macsoft. Feral Interactive has published Worms 3D for Mac OS X. You can download a demo here.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the info, lekvar and plokent. I guess I'll learn to like Worms 3D, and start saving up for the Macintel now... :P
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Another option - get hold of an Amiga emulator and then get hold of the best version: Worms - The Director's Cut...
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There was also a version of Armageddon released for the Dreamcast.
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