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Help me find the ideal Mac game for two people separated by hundreds of miles.

We've both got OS X. We're looking for something casual and perhaps a bit puzzle-y that we can play together over the Internet. Freeware preferred. Needs to be more of a strategy game than reflex-based, and it should be for 2 players (i.e. not massive). Any suggestions?
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Chess. One of the chess games that came with my mac seems to have a network option, so you may already have it.
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Civ IV.
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Lux is kinda cool, like Risk with 100 different maps.
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Oops... seems I was a bit hasty... it's not available for Mac.
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My friends and I love to play Xplorers but we use PCs, so I don't know if you have a computer that's able to run it. It's free, online, and basically the same thing as Settlers of Catan.
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Also, Kurnik is a good gaming site for all the standards, chess, checkers, reversi, backgammon, various card games, etc.,
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Quinn. I can't describe it more specifically because it may anger the Tetris company.
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This isn't Mac-specific (it's Java, so any computer works), but I love playing Literati and Backgammon on Yahoo! with a friend. Literati is a Scrabble-type game. And you can chat right in the game window so you can tease and taunt one other and such.
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Poker for play money can be fun, too. Full-Tilt Poker makes a decent Mac client, and it also has chat. Just meet up at the same table and have fun.
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Never played it myself, but Freeciv?
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Ticket to Ride - it's cross platform and cheap and is "challenging enough" and runs up to about an hour.
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Bolo. (Bonus points for those who remember this gem)
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camworld I will see your bolo and raise you one spaceward ho! ...
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Big Bang Board Games integrates with iChat, supports network play, and it looks great too.
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Bolo is my favourite multiperson computer game ever. Here is a current version. It is an excellent mix of strategy and action, and doesn't require insane reflexes so much as good planning.
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