Where to go when Metafilter is down?
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On the offchance that this kind of thing should happen again (Oh the humanity! Six horrible days!), can anyone recommend good replacement Metafilters?

If you people don't understand what I was going through, it's kind of like when your crack dealer gets sent to jail, your supply runs out, and you start taking heroin as a replacement. It's not nearly as good, but it passes the time until he returns from jail.
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There's always MonkeyFilter.
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My substitute for MeFi was actually working while at my job. Wasn't very satsifying, though
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A decent RSS reader (FeedDemon, NewzCrawler) and a good selection of feeds almost, but doesn't quite, compensate. There's always #mefi (and Orkut) if you're desperate for company.
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I like Kuro5hin and Slashdot isn't bad if you filter it enough. And there's always everything2. Die Puny Humans and memepool are pretty entertaining.
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There is no substitute. All other sites are like giving a terminal nicotine addict a cardboard cigarette. Small comfort. That said, Fark is usually amusing, and can distract from the gnawing sensation that something is missing from your life.
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Plastic. Not nearly as good.
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The diaries at DailyKOS are pretty good if you REALLY like the political threads here. And most people don't.
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I'll leave the original AskMe up for all y'all in just such a case.
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I stumbled across MonkeyFilter, and found it a pretty good substitute. And it had bananas!
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As far as getting good links, I was able to exist on a diet of BoingBoing, memepool, Fark, Gizmodo, and kottke. As for the company... there's no other.
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I spent the last six days on a pretty steady diet of Straight Dope which has been having its own increasingly awful server problems which are being worked on as I type. The notion of losing it and MeFi all at once caused me to break out in hives. But its good nevertheless.
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I am stuck in the rut of metafilter, kottke.org, memepool, fark, streettech and boing. Sometimes slashdot or plastic. The web is so big, and yet 6-7 sites are the best I can find for daily reading/discussion.

Three day weekend, so I went to Moab and visited canyonlands for the first time. It was stunning, and I'm from Utah.
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metafilter, BoingBoing, Slashdot, Blort, LinkFilter, Rivets, Plep, Gizmodo, ArsTechnica, MonkeyFilter, Fark, Zfilter
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