Where can I buy a cradle for a Palm VX?
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Where can I buy a cradle for a Palm VX?

I'm trying to resurrect an old Palm VX - but the cradle is toast... I can find some sites that will sell me a charger - but I want to sync too... I'm not keen on buying a whole new VX and charger from ebay, as this seems wasteful to me. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Sorry if this is a little quixotic...
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This is off the top of my head, but the Vx can sync via IR, right? (I used to use one, but that was years ago). Perhaps you could find a cheap IR receiver - maybe by buying a used IR remote control/mouse - and use that to sync it. You'd have to buy the charger separately then, but it might work.
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Checkout item 130057413324 - Buy It Now for $2.99 plus $7.49 shipping - but this is just a sync cable.

I have no connection with the seller - this is just the first thing that came up in a "palm vx sync cable" search of ebay.

If you follow the links for this seller, you will find item 130058242111, a 7 piece kit that includes charger and sync cable for $11.99 Buy It Now plus $8.49 shipping. This includes the all-important anti-radiation shield.

At this point you are approaching the price of a Vx + cradle.
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I happen to have a couple of these lying around, that I haven't gotten around to EBaying yet. I've sent you an e-mail about them.
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If you have a freecycle chapter in your area, this is the kind of thing you'd be very likely to get for free if you ask...
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