how to find a real estate agent in Buffalo
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I need help finding a good real estate agent in Buffalo.

I've asked around. So far, I haven't gotten any recommendations. I'm looking in the town of Tonawanda and Kenmore.

I've tried to find forums discussing Buffalo real estate, but haven't found much either.
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I'm from Buffalo; let me ask my brother and I'll get back to you.
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I'm from Buffalo MN - Al Hokestra would be ok.
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Ummmmm... Tonawanda and Kenmore are near Buffalo, NY....
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I used Joel Calabrese when I bought a house in Kenmore a few years ago. Like all agents, he will try to sell you more house than you want :) On the other hand, he is brutally honest and amusingly catty and will steer you clear of a bad purchase. He showed me a number of houses all over N Buffalo and Kenmore and was very, very helpful. I recommended him to a friend at work who used him also.
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My cousin on Grand Island sent me this:

I recommend Mike Mc Donough at 773-8000 or e-mail I have known him for about 20 years and he has been an agent for at least this long, so you won't be working with a rookie who is all talk and really doesn't know anything.

You can tell him I recommended him to your friend.

Mike does Real estate over the whole buffalo area.

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If you want to know my cousin's name so you can tell Mike Mc Donough who referred you, please email at doohickie (at) charter (dot) net.
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