Free, accurate foreign exchange data feed for GBP?
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I'm trying to avoid shelling out an annual fee to XE for UK foreign exchange data. The European Central Bank provides a feed with Euro as base currency and the Bank of NZ has one for NZD. Surely there's a GBP equivalent?
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If you can stand the terrible web design try this.
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(That data is all supplied by GTIS)
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Similarly, I was looking for an RSS feed for forex (although in Euro). The closest I could find was XE's Email service (which works of GBP, free for personal non-commercial use), and I send it to Bloglines as an email subscription.

I looked at the ECB page you link to, but I don't see an RSS feed there for currency data, just press releases and so forth. Could you post the RSS feed address here? Thanks....
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Would this be useful? It's not very well laid out, every currency is a separate post, but it does have the information.

Currency Exchange Rates via RSS
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Best answer: Also this one seems better, you can customize the info that you want:

Currency exchange rates

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You can also get dynamic exchange information from Google. Just type "49 euros in british pounds" to get, um, the answer. Depending on your intended use, that may be all you need.
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Response by poster: b1tr0t: I'd prefer a feed that updated more than once a day, but it's not super important.

Boobus Tuber: It's not RSS, but the ECB provides an xml formatted feed here . The Canadian site you pointed to is using pretty much the same algorithm as I am already and it's mostly accurate.

Since I first asked I've found this site which provides a 30-day trial. It's still for pay, but is a bit less expensive than XE.

Thanks for all the answers.
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