No lyrics like Broadway lyrics, like no lyrics I know
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I'm looking for the lyrics to the song "In My Own Lifetime," from the 1970 Broadway musical, "The Rothschilds." I know lyrics sites are spotty at best, pop-up and virus havens at worst, and probably all illegal...but maybe someone even knows the lyrics? Or can give me a line or two I can search on? The title, musical name, etc, pulled up nothing useful for me. Thanks!
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I would ask this question at Talkin Broadway's All That Chat, probably the best Broadway message board out there (except for the annoying fact that it doesn't keep archives past one week). They have a very knowledgable user base who could probably help you. Good luck!
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Or the message board at Broadway World, another very knowledable group of people.
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Got a few lines from someone's sig , via a Google Groups search.
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Oh, search the page for "in my own lifetime."

"In My Own Lifetime, I Want to See the Fighting Cease, In My Own Lifetime, I Want to See My Sons Enjoy the Fruits of Peace..." Sheldon Harnick
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Best answer: (Transcribed from my cast album)

In my own lifetime
I want to see the fighting cease
In my own lifetime
I want to see my sons enjoy the fruits of peace

While I'm still here, I want to know
Beyond a doubt that no one can lock us in or lock us out

We have climbed higher
Much higher than I thought we'd climb
It's a long journey
and even though the end's in sight
There's not much time

I want to know we haven't built on sand
In my own lifetime

In my own lifetime
I want to see our efforts blessed
In my own lifetime
I want to see the walls come down and then I'll rest

This Moses wants to see the promised land
In my own lifetime
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Response by poster: Awesome! Thanks, Brad, and everyone.
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