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Here's a NameFilter for you: I've just started a new podcast. It's a chat show, with a focus on intelligent humor. We're trying to give it a name. Any ideas?

We've come up with The Bombardment Society & Kite Flying Club. Our show (already up and running for some time) is The Sound of Young America. We might just name it Maximum Fun, which is sort of an unofficial slogan for the other show. I'm looking for ideas that suggest fun without sounding like the name of an improv group (eg: Mixed Nutz).
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Love love love The Sound of Young America! Big fan.

My immediate idea (which seems less funny the more I rethink it) is "The Club that Will Have You." It's a play on the line in Annie Hall: "I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member."

Perhaps I'm too starstruck to come up with something better. Happy to have you here, Jesse.
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The Vinegar Delivery System.
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Foxy Morons
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A Pair of Ragged Claws

or just

Ragged Claws

(Amusing as a name for anything, yet referencing intelligent poetry.)
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Response by poster: I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post a link... this is the first episode of the show, as "Untitled Thorn/Morris Project."

That's a good suggestion, btw, Cold Chef, though it's worth noting that's originally a Groucho Marx line.
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OMG I am such a huge fan, Jesse! My lame contribution, mainly just so I could ass-kiss, is:

Interstitial Patter
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Haha, awesome. I'm listening to TSOYA right now! (Hi Jesse!)

I know you are asking for suggestions for a new name, but can I say that I love the current one? It's ironic, retro yet fresh, and the theme song is rockin. Maybe other hardcore fans are similarly attached? That said, the name did confuse me a little at first, so it might be a good idea to change to something descriptive & shorter if your goal is immediate radioland takeover...
/no help at all
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*turns on title-generating machine inside her mind, begins to take faithful dictation of spewed-forth nonsense*

Multicolored Man Confetti--or you could just take it that single step further and call it Manfetti

The Invention of Left and Right Shoes

If Wishes Were Horses, Prepubescent Girls Would Subconsciously Want to Have Sex with Them

Giddy Babies Pull Purple Faces

Death's Head on a Doughy Body

Pronounced Limp

Collective Noun

Occupy Yourselves with Us

*What, these don't suggest fun to you?*
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I too wish to ass-kiss to your greatness. (awesome shows Jesse!)

I like Morris Thorn.
(kind of what you were talking about at the beginning of the show)

He sounds like some 60s swinger dude.

( Images of an uber intellectual in a turtleneck holding a martini glass ... and a big 70s porn star mustache)
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The Half-Eaten Hat Show

The Jubilant Maneouvres

The Modified Noun Show

The Skilful Application of Films With John Belushi In

The Implied Tangibility of Abstracts
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Response by poster: To clarify... this is for the *new* podcast, The Sound of Young America will stay such until I inevitably get sued by Motown.
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Snooty Bastard Theatre?
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Burnt Offerings
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The Ferry Muckers.
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Why not something simple like "The Talk of Young America?"
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Rocket Surgerym(or, the Rocket Surgeons).
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er just "surgery" -m.
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Two peas in a pod?
Three peas in a pod?

I'm ashamed to admit I'm unfamiliar with your show. Is the format one host, one guest? Number of host equal number of peas.
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Owl Stretching Time
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Unregistered Cheesecake.

Don't ask me, it was a phrase that randomly turned up in my head one day. Might as well air it out here I guess.

Better yet it gets no google hits as a phrase. Maybe it will now. Hello, posterity!
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Hypnic Jerk Theater
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I like bighappyfunhouse's idea: Morris Thorn. I also like the name Big Happy Fun House, but I guess that's taken already. How about The Morris Thorn Hour of Fun? Or just Big Happy?

This doesn't really fit your requirements, but because I'm such a Steve Martin fan: Cruel Shoes.

Another idea: Seriously Fun

(huge TSOYA fan here, Jesse. keep up the good work.)
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Response by poster: I would like to kiss BigHappy's ass, too, because his operation is golden as well.

I like Cruel Shoes a lot, but that seems not like an homage, more like a rip-off :).

Right now we're brainstorming some ideas from William Carlos Williams, who happens to be a hero of both of us.
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How about "The Best Show Not on WFMU"?
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BTW, apparently this is the winner: Jordan, Jesse GO!
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Response by poster: Yeah, we narrowed down some of our ideas and some listener ideas to a poll, which revealed that the names we'd thought of so far were lukewarm for our listeners. And then I thought of Jordan, Jesse GO!, and called Jordan. He said, "Boom. That's it."


Thanks for your help, AskMeFites.
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