Pictures of Dinosaurs
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Dinosaurs - old drawings, illustrations, etchings of

I'm looking for a good source of illustrations/drawings of dinosaurs, preferably from the 18th/19th century. I've found a few on the British Library site and the NY Public Library's digital archive, but not too many.

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Go to, search for dinosaur, and click on the links at the very end of the search (#148 or thereabouts). Way back in the beginning, bootstrapped its collection by scanning pages from out-of-copyright books and encyclopedias from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

If you click on one of the pictures, there's another link to browse all images in the same collection. There used to be source information about the images there, but it looks like they don't show that any longer.

(Disclaimer: worked there years ago)
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The BibliOdyssey blog always has nice illustrations, many from that period. Searching for "dinosaurs" yielded only this but if you dig around the archives you might find more.
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Search4Dinosaurs has a ton of old illustrations.
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Early Image
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There's a great book of images of this sort called Scenes From The Deep Time.
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