Identify moralistic asian childrens book?
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BookFilter: I had this book as a child, it contained a number of solomon-like tales, (two mothers claiming a child, true mother didn't want it cut in half, etc.) Except with an Asian flair. It was called Judge Edo, Ito? Anyone?

I forgot the dudes name once the OJ simpson trial went underway, brain overwrite. Been bugging me for ages.
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Judge Dee?
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On second thought, that's an adult series. Maybe the Judge Rabbit tales, a series of Cambodian folktales? Amazon has this one listed.
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Best answer: I asked a similar question. Could it also be Judge Ooka?
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(Judge Ito being someone altogether different)
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It's definitely Ooka. The story about the two mothers and the smell of food / sound of money one are both in this book (mentioned in vacapinta's earlier thread.
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Oh, sorry, now I've actually read your more inside. Ignore me. Looks like you have your answer anyhow.
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Response by poster: Ooka it was! Much thanks! (now if only amazon didn't charge $80 for it!)
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It's lame that its out-of-print. That book is great for children. I remembered it so well because it was one of the first books to "teach" me that solutions to things could also be creative and non-obvious.
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The smell of noodles/sound of money story has been lurking in my brain for years. Thanks for identifying the source and reassuring me that I'm not the only one who found it so fascinating as a child and continues to be intrigued by it as an adult.
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You will find it at ABEBooks - $5.00
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