Where can i play squash in New York City?
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Where can i play squash in New York City?

Hopefullly for cheap and without a membership. is that possible?
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NYU Coles center located, well, at NYU. IIRC from my days as a lowly NYU undergrad, non-NYU students can get access, and probably daily rather than a membership. I do remember it seeming prohibitively expensive.

Squash is also available at the Eastern Athletic Club Brooklyn Heights location, and EAC does allow a daily "guest" admission.

Actually, here is a list of squash courts in NYC with phone numbers which found its way to me when I googled "squash NYC":

If you are looking for personal reccomendations of a good place rather than the basic phone book of available courts, I can't help you, I've never played. I'm scared, honestly, it seems like tennis on crack.
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I had the same problem looking for cheap squash courts in Chicago---

A start would be to check for info on intramural squash clubs at various universities' in your area - or squash mailing lists, squash ladders, etc. Granted, these are for students, but they'll probably indulge you in a game or two if you show up outside the field house right before practice time with racquet, goggles and sweatband in hand and a slightly desperate, but ultimately harmless look on your face.

Alternatively, if you're super fuckin' good, you can try out to be a squash pro at a racquet club. Then it's better than cheap.
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Where in NY?

Here's a list.
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