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Who loves sandwiches? I do! But I'm tired of sandwichs designed in the vacuum of my mind. My question is thus: What are some great sandwichs?

I'm also curious about sandwich tips and techniques that make any sandwich, or most sandwichs all the better. Bestow unto me your sandwichy wisdoms, Metafilter!
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I don't know what you are talking about, so here's a picture of a Cubano.
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Previously. Also, I swear there was a more recent question about good sandwich fillings but I am failing to find it.
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Goat cheese and strawberry jam, on almost any bread.

Almost any sandwhich tastes good grilled. I made a grilled cheese sandwich last week with swiss cheese, slices of bell pepper and tomato, with barbecue sauce. Result: mind-blowing.

I love to make tuna salad, substituting avocado for mayonaise. I also stir in fresh sweet corn kernels. Add a little lemon juice, a dash of salt and pepper, and perhaps some bean sprouts, and you have an amazing goddam sandwich right there.

Two fried eggs on a roll with provolone cheese and tomato is a regular staple in my diet.

The Ginger People make a ginger spread that is really delightful. I've begun enjoying chunky peanut butter and ginger-spread sandwiches.

I also like to by frozen fake-meatballs to keep around for when I want to make a big sloppy meatball sandwich, usually with a spicy barbecue sauce and pepperoncinis.

Thanks for posting my new favorite thread!
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I have a great one! Okay, in a perfect world this requires a panini sandwich grill. (I got (a somewhat overpriced) one at BB&B, and have never regretted the expense.)

Okay, so, here are the ingredients that you should have available: sliced sourdough; sliced tomatoes; sliced avocado; roasted chicken (ripped or cut into stips, optional -- best is roasted chicken you've made yourself but you can also buy the kind you get in supermarket where there's a whole roasted chicken on a black plastic tray with a clear plastic "hat" on top); roasted red pepper (optional); sliced cheese (jack, cheddar, provolone, or havarti); brown mustard, mayo.

On sliced sourdough -- on one side put brown mustard then one slice of cheese. On top of that tomato then avocado. Add chicken and/or pepper if you're doing those ingredients. On the other slice of bread put the mayo. Put the assembled sandwich into the panini grill and grill until cheese melted and bread toasty.
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I'm a sucker for just plain bologna and mustard, but when you bite into a sandwich, try experimenting with where you put the stuff like mustard and mayo and how you bite into the sandwich. I know this sounds silly, but I think sandwiches and hamburgers taste different depending on the "direction" in which you bite them. :)
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I'm sure you'll all laugh, but peanut butter and dill pickle is an absolutely awesome sandwich. Something about the crunch of the pickle with the creaminess of the peanut butter...

For maximum crunch, use dill pickle spears, not slices.
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Avocado is the answer.
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MsMolly, I've never heard of dill with a PB sandwich before, but that sounds awesome. PB + potato chips, however, is superneat. Perhaps dill potato chips and PB?
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Re goat cheese -- another yummy snack is as follows: Get some fancy flatbread crackers from Whole Foods or wherever. Spread goat cheese. Then a layer of fig spread (also from Whole Foods or a place like that). On top of fig spread put whole or halved walnuts. Bit into it! Mmmmm.

Fig spread goes moldy at the drop of a hat, so try to use as much as you can before it goes bad.
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1. green apple, turkey, brie, honey mustard, wheat bread

2. hummus, red onion, tomato, cucumber, wheat bread

3. honey turkey, swiss and fresh jalepenos, hero

4. baguette, ham and butter (mmmm, frenchtastic!)

5. 1/2 lb of corned beef and any kind of bread.
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Roasted turkey breast, bacon and avocado on a baguette with pesto mayonnaise. Add lettuce, and tomato if you like, but know that tomato + avocado in a sandwich equals slippery slippery mess.
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Peanut butter and honey on whole wheat is my favorite childhood-flashback sandwich. It's even better if you pack it the night before, because the honey crystallizes in the bread and gives it a slight crunchiness.

My absolute favorite nowdays is roasted apples, onions, and mushrooms (toss with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil and cook half an hour in a baking pan at 350 degrees) on a baguette, topped with arugula and gruyere.

And this list from Whole Foods has a bunch of stuff on it that I've been meaning to try.
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Response by poster: Gah, sandwiches I spelled it right at first. I must have gotten all warped in the brain after I started getting hungry.
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Here's my take on the Pain Bagnat:

1 can Tuna plus Mayo plus Chopped Onion
1 Hardboiled Egg, sliced
4-5 Cucumber slices

Cut a croissant open, spoon in the tuna salad, lay the egg slices on top of the tuna, then add the cucumber slices. Delicious!

You can also add black olives, lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper.
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I agree with ambrosia, and so does Tyler Florence of the Food Network... I've made this sandwich several times and it's superb.

Tyler's Ultimate Sandwich: Roast Turkey, Avocado and Bacon
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One way in which I like to maximize the yumminess of my sandwiches is to spread the mayo/mustard/spreadable filling on whatever ingredients are next to the bread, on the away-from-the-bread side, rather than on the bread itself. I find that often the bread soaks up too much of the mayo (especially if it is toasted, or if the sandwich is to be wrapped up and eaten later). But if you spread the mayo between, say, the lettuce and the tomatoes, it keeps all of its mayo-y (or get the point) goodness intact.
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I absolutely love, love, love to put potato chips or doritos or anything else that has a really satisfing crunch in my sandwhiches. BTW, same premise works real well for wraps/burritos/soft tacos to include tortilla chips in there for a crunch.
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2 of my favs (both involving PB) is peanut butter and mustard (similar to the dill pickles; creamy sweet vs a harsh flavor)

the other is pb and banana, best on toasted white bread.
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It's one of the oldest sandwiches in the book, but my favorite is a BLT. Good french bread, delicious summer tomatoes, crunchy leaf lettuce, and a quality mayonnaise--either from the shelf (I like Hellman's) or homemade makes a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato special.

I also love these little canap├ęs I call tomato-cucumber sandwiches. I only make them when the tomatoes are in season because they can make or break the sanwich. Spread pieces of cocktail pumpernickel bread (or cut pumpernickel into desired shape) with a mixture of fresh crumbled cooked bacon, mayonnaise, and a couple turns of fresh black pepper. Top with a slice of tomato (cut in half if too large), and thinly sliced, peeled English cucumber. They are delicious and an easy finger food for parties in the summer months.

Great question, I am loving all of these sandwich ideas.
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I like minimal ingredients -- melted cheese and maybe some chopped pot-roast pork is fine -- but I prefer to build them on chilled French Toast and then toast in a toaster oven open-faced until cooked through, then assemble and eat.
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This might sound weird. I absolutely love A-1 sauce on sandwiches. Like say turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce tomato and then a dollop of A-1 delicious. but then I think A-1 is the perfect condiment.
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A muffaletta is a fantastic sandwich. It takes a bit of work, but it's worth it.

Olive Spread:
3 cloves garlic, crushed
1 cup green olives, chopped
1 cup black olives or Calamata olives, chopped
1/2 cup sweet roasted red peppers, chopped
Extra virgin olive oil
Balslamic vinegar

Mix everything together and regrigerate for 24 hours before using. You just need enough oil and vinegar to make a nice smooth paste-like consistency.

Baby boule bread (like the bread soup sometimes comes in)
Provalone cheese
Sliced ham
Sliced salami
Olive paste

Cut the boule in half and remove some of the inner bread to make a small bowl-like interior. Fill this with some of the olive paste. Add the meat and cheese. Eat.
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Sandwich #1: (your Thanksgiving leftovers)

Take two slices bread, spread lightly with mayo. Add a layer of roast turkey pieces, and salt and pepper. Next add a layer of stuffing, and finally a layer of cranberry sauce. Possibly my favorite sandwich of all time.

Sandwich #2:

Toast two slices bread, spread lightly with mayo. Fry an egg however you like it; add it to the sandwich with salt and pepper. Take a slab of pepperoni, cut off a few thick slices, and grill them briefly. Add them with the egg and enjoy.

Also, in the vein of PB and x sandwiches, peanut butter and sharp cheddar cheese is good.
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Best bagel sandwich ever:

Cinnamon raisin bagel
Tuna salad

= delicious. Sweet and savory dancing harmoniously in a ballet of tastiness.
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I'm partial to roast beef and colby cheese on a croissant.
I also love turkey and swiss/turkey and havarti on a roll.
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cheese and marmite
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Second the PB and pickle, but only if the pickles are dill. Bread and butter pickles suck in general, but they suck especially hard if you put them on a sandwich with peanut butter.
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Forgot one ingredient on the turkey and swiss - vinaigrette. Oh, is that yummy. : )

Never thought about A1 on a cold sandwich, but I loooove it on hamburgers.
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Egg salad made with mayo, mustard, chopped parsley, chopped kalmata olives, anchovy paste, and pepper with baby greens and caramelized onions. Mmmmmmmmm...
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Oh, and a good one from a local sandwich shop: brie, fig spread, and arugula (plus optional grilled chicken) on a baguette.
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I just ate one made from a baked breaded slice of eggplant, a spoon of marinara sauce, and some parmsan cheese.

Pepperoni goes well in this but I didn't have any.
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Maybe a hot sausage or fried seafood po' boy? Not exactly health food, though...
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Dang, meant to include this link:
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Cripes - sorry.
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While a bored young bachelor, I invented the Peanut Butter and Barbecue Sauce sandwich.

It's surprisingly tasty!
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when i was a kid, my favorite sandwich was bologna, cheese, mayo, potato chips and pickle on white bread. fantastic.

i really like grilled apple and cheddar cheese sandwiches, too. get a nice apple like a honeycrisp and a good sharp cheddar, grill it on a panini grill until the cheese is melted, but the apples are still crisp... amazing. you can add things like turkey or ham into it, too.
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Turkey, Bacon, Brie, Honey Mustard, Cole slaw.
on a baguette.
there's more going on there than you might think.

And, right now, Banh Mi are truly the greatest store bought
creations in the world.
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I'm seeing a lot of love for turkey, avocado and bacon, which is great, but add brie and you've got something heavenly. For added awesome, make it open-face and broil that mother until the cheese melts.

I recently invented a new breakfast sandwich: Fried egg, provolone and grilled kosher salami on a toasted, buttered onion bagel. Guaranteed to start your day off right.

I invented my wife's current favorite when she wanted something with smoked salmon but not on a bagel: Smoked salmon, chive cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts, wrapped up in a dill tortilla. Add havarti or muenster, and/or tomato, if you like.

And finally, the Nutty Professor, which I discovered at a campus snackbar in Austria. It was the cheapest thing on the menu, clearly designed for desperate, drunken students: Salami and honey, with cucumber slices on a kaiser roll. It turned out to be remarkably tasty. Other offered juxtapositions, which I did not order, were cheese-and-marmalade and bacon-and-Nutella.
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Beef on Weck
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The pulled pork sandwiches served at the Twix 'n Tween in Centreville, Alabama are the best goddammed sandwiches in the world, period.
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I love reubens, but I also love rachels which are made with turkey or pastrami (I only do turkey) and cole slaw instead of sauerkraut.

I also love that thin Pepperidge Farm white bread, bread + butter pickles, honey mustard and muenster cheese.
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My favorite sandwich is very much like a rueben, but even better.

First makes some slaw - Very thinly sliced red cabbage, a sprinkle of caraway seed, a dollop of mayo. Mix together. (this is good to eat plain btw)

Take rye bread, toast it, and slather on spicy mustard. Add piles of thinly sliced pastrami. Add some of the slaw. Add slices of Comte cheese (or gruyere or swiss). Eat.
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Premium cheddar cheese (nothing store brand or made by Kraft and nothing orange), Branston Pickle and a soft roll. Heaven.
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I loved tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil on a roll long before I knew it (sort of) has a name.
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cucumbers, tomatoes (thinly sliced), cream cheese, sprouts, and a bit of black pepper, on toast. best on something like rye bread. yum.
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fry two eggs, break the yolks and while frying push the egg into a square. Whole wheat toast with horse radish, two pieces of bacon and some lettuce.
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Tuna and pineapple.
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Last night's dinner: toasted sourdough, artichoke spread, herb goat cheese, roasted chicken, thinly sliced macintosh apples, and thinly sliced roasted potatoes. Fabulous.

Some unusual and super-successful ingredients to add to any normal sandwich: green beans (often used in Chilean sandwiches), spicy spreads (mix jalapenos or other peppers into mayo), salad dressing instead of mayo/mustard, cilantro or basil (instead of lettuce), sour cream (instead of mayo), cucumbers, or pickled carrots.

My all-time favorite, which I can only eat once a year without becoming overwhelmed: peanut butter, honey, bananas, and bacon (or turkey bacon).
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Marmite and watercress -- in a crusty roll!
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I make my own variation on the St. Paul Sandwich using a loaded omelet (cheese, olives, onion, whatever) on toasted wheat bread with Sriracha sauce and mayo. When my greasy hand clutches at my straining heart for the last time, I shall regret nothing.
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Slashfood had a "Sandwich Day" a few months ago, featuring recipes, tips, and photos. The posts can be found here
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Peanut butter + bacon + (pretty much anything else) = perfection.

Or try peanut butter, iceberg lettuce and mayo. The crunchy is a great counterpoint to the creamy.
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One croissant, split. Cream cheese, sprouts, and chopped up cashews. It's incredibly good.
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Best sandwich I've ever had was at a local Kosher deli, a "New Jersey Sloppy Joe". Basically, a triple decker sandwich consisting of pastrami/corned beef, coleslaw, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye bread.
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Two wonder sandwiches!

Cream Cheese, Tomatos and Red Onions


Provolone Cheese with Proscuitto
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My favourite (honestly, so good!) is:

pumpernickle bread
old cheddar
crunchy peanut butter
honey and/or jam

My second favourite is:

1 really good bagel
roast turkey coldcuts
red pepper jelly (spicy)
cheese (the nippier the better)

Yum! Time to go to the fridge....
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A general tip that I have found improves all manner of sandwiches is toasting the bread beforehand. It makes it less smooshy and gives you a nice texture addition.
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- avocado, grilled portobello, brie - grilled
- grilled tofu, lettuce, tomato, hummus
- tomato, cucumber, avocado, swiss cheese
- grilled swiss cheese sandwich with avocado
- grilled brie sandwich with avocado

everything on the grainiest multigrain you can find
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Premium cheddar cheese (nothing store brand or made by Kraft and nothing orange), Branston Pickle and a soft roll. Heaven.
The fact that so much explanation has to be included in a description of a classic cheese and pickle roll is very sad, in my opinion...
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Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Yellow Mustard.

Fools mock, but they shall mourn.
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peanut butter, strawberry jam, & miracle whip or mayo. mmm!

also yummy is egg salad with some curry powder tossed in
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Whoa, is this thread making me thrungry.

In my heady youthful experimentation with vegetarianism, I found:

On an entire Italian loaf, do cream cheese, avocado slices, American cheese, thin lengthwise slices of cucumber, tomato, and a bit of alfalfa sprouts. You need long toothpicks because veggies get slippery, and of course you cut the loaf into smaller pieces after assembly. Very messy to eat but well worth it.

I don't do very well at keeping fresh veggies handy, so I often go to Subway and get ham and turkey with provolone on their Honey Oat bread (which has something sweet sprayed on the crust, more likely corn syrup than honey I'm sure) with lettuce and tomato, green peppers and cucumbers, a little bit of (red) onion, and oil and vinegar (white vinegar is better than balsamic.) Somehow that specific combination is so much better than anything else.

Simple grilled cheese can achieve stratospheric epicurean heights with a little onion, a little garlic, some fancy bread...

Also, there's a local deli that does this: on a hard roll with sesame seeds, breaded eggplant cutlets (cold), roasted marinated red sweet peppers, and fresh mozzarella. Oooh, oooh, so good, excuse me I have to go drive there...
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I love old childhood sandwiches, namely PB&J and grilled cheese, with an adult twist.

1. Grilled cheese: Pumpernickle bread, sharp cheddar cheese, mango chutney

2. PB&J: Oat or honey-whole-wheat bread, almond butter, raspberry preserves

3. Grilled cheese: Nut bread, gorgonzola, and honey.
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Grill some hamburgers. Add a thin slice of ham, some dill pickle, swiss cheese and mustard on a hamburger bun, then press in a panini grill.

Not a panini grill, but something like this is much cheaper and lets you make all kinds of hot sandwiches. I like making pizza pockets with pepperoni, shredded cheese, pizza sauce and some kind of rough bread.

Put cappicola, swiss cheese, and mustard on a single slice of bread and broil it for an open-face sandwich.

Toast a muffin, put on some poupon, a slice of ham, a slice of cheese. Spray Pam in a low, wide coffee cup, then crack an egg into the cup and cook in the microwave for 45-60 seconds. Add the egg to your sandwich for an egg mcmuffin.

Now I have to go to the store and buy ingredients for all the new sandwiches I'm going to make this weekend.
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Great question. I personally have zero sandwich creativity. I can walk into a huge deli that has all kinds of fixins, and not know what I want--I need to see a menu of pre-designed sandwiches. So, I found this helpful.
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American Cheese
White Bread

Mmm, comfort food

The local Deli calls this the McMahon because my brothers and
I are the only ones to order it
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Peanut Butter and bacon on buttered toast. mmmm fat.
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..or alternatively, a Shawarma sandwich!
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Two blasts from my past:
Cheddar cheese, very thinly sliced onion, sweet mustard on a hamburger bun. Grill like a panini.

Whole wheat bread with lots of seeds, cheddar cheese, alfalfa sprouts, mayo.
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Peanut butter and mustard. Seriously. (Blue Beatle how could you ruin this sandwich with Jelly?)

Bagel, cream cheese, tomato, and bacon.

Grilled swiss, bacon and onion on Rye.

Nothing like a one-eyed (fried egg) bacon cheeseburger. (Gus Burger.)

Bacon, egg and cheese on a roll.

As a kid, the traditional ketchup sandwich on Wonder bread was terrific.
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Slices of kiwi with cream cheese on pumpernickel.

Or your basic ham and swiss cheese with some mayo, mustard, and lettuce inside a crusty French baguette.
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Bread, mustard, spinich, fried egg (recomend breaking the yoke), small amount of red onion (not necessary), any cheese you like, any meat you like.

Don't be afraid to add a little creamy salad dressing (ranch, blue cheese, whatever) to a slice of bread to wet the sandwhich down a bit. Also, don't be afraid to heat it up nice and golden brown in the same pan you fried the egg in once you've added the egg. Just remember, only one flip, maybe two. The more flips the more chances you'll throw it all over the place.
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wowie, I can't believe other people like pb&pickles. I started dating someone back in October who introduced me to his version ("the schizophrenic sandwich"):

peanut butter
fried egg (or 2)
rooster sauce

We've tried variations. the last one involved replacing the pickle with a slice of jicama.
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Peanut Butter, banana, honey, vanilla -- put 'em in a blender. Makes a nice spread.

I also like honey-ing my plate and then eating a fried egg off of it. That's not a sandwich, though.
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Veggie burger with blue cheese dressing and sliced jalepeno.

I would also like to addd that the bread is often overlooked as an afterthought, but often it is the bread that makes or breaks a sandwich.
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This thread is long, so I am just going to tell you my favorite sandwich, and if someone already suggested it, I'm sorry to be redundant.

2 slices very delicious sourdough bread from a good bakery
1/2 an avocado, sliced or mashed and sprinkled with salt, pepper, and a little lemon juice
goat cheese

If you want a little extra protein, you can add a chicken cutlet. The chicken cutlet I put on this sandwich is made easily by buying THIN sliced boneless skinless chicken breasts. Wash them, dredge both sides in some flour, and fry until cooked through and deliciously golden in 1 tsp butter & 1 tsp olive oil per cutlet. Salt & Pepper are all this will need.
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Blue cheese (not dressing) and proscuitto with oinion on crusty french, with maybe a brush of olive oil if its dry. Your breath will stank.

This thread rules. I'm going shopping tomorrow.
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Response by poster: You are all my best answer, but if someone can give me a great sandwich that involves a lot of various soppresattas and salami they would totally get the best answer.
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Use two thin-but-large slices of good italian bread, provolone cheese, roasted red pepper, red onion, pesto, dijon mustard, and any italian meats that you like. Drizzle a little olive oil on the top and press in a pannini maker (or George Foreman if you are me).
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Egg salad makes a great lox sandwich perfect. Of course, it has to be good egg salad.
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Baguette + Goat cheese + prosciutto
Warm 'er up in a frying pan or toaster oven or something.
Nummy nummy in my tummy.
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Response by poster: Nevermind, keep posting. I'll give best answer after I try each and every one of these recipes.
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I find it hard to believe that nobody has yet mentioned Vegemite.

Some Vegemite favourites:
Buttered roll with Vegemite and potato chips (salt and vinegar or honey soy are best)
Vegemite with Peanut Butter is amazingly good
Grilled Cheese sandwich with plenty of Vegemite
Vegemite and barbecue chicken
Vegemite and salad
Amazingly soft or very crunchy roll with REAL butter (not marg) and LOTS of Vegemite.

I could go on for hours about vegemite sandwiches. *sighs*
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Braunschweiger is good. Just in case you're unfamiliar and tempted to try it, I think a more traditional presentation would substitute mayo for the ketchup and American cheese suggested above. This way you can give this sadly neglected sandwich meat a fair audition. If you like the standard, then you can try variants like Mick's.
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This thread would make a great cookbook!

My faves:

#1 Peanut Butter, Banana & Mayonaisse (I hear Elivs liked a deep fried version of this)

#2 Scrambled Egg & Mayo on white bread

#3 The historic, artery clogging Monte Cristo from Bennigan's chain restaurant.
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Extra sharp cheddar cheese, tomato, sprouts, hummus and either dijon mustard or pesto.
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Without a doubt, the king of sarnies is the Refried Egg sandwich.

Fry two eggs in a little olive oil - leaving the yolks just a bit runny.
Apply the eggs to some delicious thick cut bread of your choice,
add cheese (Red Leicester works really well, any unsalted hard cheese like cheddar will be fine),
and Ketchup
Close the sandwich with a second slice of bread.
Return sarnie to the frying pan, cook on a low-medium heat until golden brown on both sides.

Happy days!
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I experimented awhile back with what I like to call the "BLT+1" - a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich (by definition, on toasted white bread with mayonnaise) plus one other ingredient.

Some of the ones I especially liked were:

BLT+blue cheese
BLT+anchovies (when you're really craving the salt)
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The best sandwiches are two sandwiches.

Ham, salad (lettuce, shallots, beetroot, tomato, avacado), cheese, mayonnaise. My dad is awful fond of pie sandwiches.
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On an untoasted roll: thick slab of very sharp cheddar, thin tomato, shreddy deli lettuce, plain yellow mustard. No fancy stuff. Serve cold. Sounds basic, yes, but you will be amazed. Especially if you are me. Yum. Also? I loves me some vegetarian BLT, though it might not play well for carnivores.
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On the BLT-variation tip, my best sandwich is peameal bacon (back bacon crusted with pea meal, it's one of Toronto's key foods, could use regular bacon) (this should be pan-fried), tomato, and sliced avocado on a baguette. With mayo and black pepper.

Also good: almond butter and wild blueberry jam.
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the thing about working in a kitchen is that you always have food around you. spoilt for choice, even, and when it comes time to have a meal, well, there's just so many options it's impossible to decide, when you're young and your boss tells you that you can make anything that you want, ignorant to the fact that you will take that statement literally.

Generally i don't like to put more than two different meats together, but rules are meant to be broken. I made a sandwich of a beef pattie, a piece of crumbed chicken stuffed with ham and camembert, rump steak, pineapple, cheese, lettuce, tomato, a hash brown, bacon and a slice of pork.

From then on we were not allowed to make our own staff meals.
However! there was a lesson to be learned:
Do not put steak in a sandwich. You will have to bite and tear and it will rip the sandwich to pieces.

Mostly these days my sandwiches are more minimal by comparison. Bread choice is important. You cannot beat, however, some simple favourites:

Fresh, well ripened avocado, with margarine, with a bit of salt....or..
Sliced tasty cheese, with fresh, sliced tomato, with freshly cracked pepper. margarine, of course.

I once made blue cheese on toast (you guys have cheese on toast over there?) just to see what it was like, full knowing it would probably be a ridiculous waste of good cheese. Ah, well.

Marmite and cheese, is good. pretty much any meat and cheese combination. Honey mustard can also add a whole new level to a meat sandwich.. yum!

I am so hungry now.
posted by Dillonlikescookies at 4:36 AM on October 6, 2007

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