Quick dishes to cook pork mince (ground pork meat) in a pan?
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What are some quick dishes to cook pork mince (ground pork meat) in a pan?

Looking for some new ideas. Would like some quick, cheap ways to cook pork mince in a pan.

I will be eating it with separate carbs, so would prefer not to have rice etc. in the dish.

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Lahp -

Brown Pork Mince in a little sesame oil
Add some thinly sliced onions and a sear on high heat in the pork fat.
Add in some chicken stock (100 mL or so) and then some soy sauce and spring onions
concentrate to near dryness shouln't be soupy more like a coating of sauce on the mince
Add in a hearty splash of Fish sauce and handfuls of mint
A squeeze of lime juice and some nice chilies are a good addition if you can take the heat (Add chilies with the onions)

Serve with rice or noodles

Total cooking time maybe 20 minutes
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I love this green chilli recipe, which is quite quick.
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Mmm, lahp sounds good.

I often start with diced onions/spring onions in a little neutral oil, then add ginger and garlic, then the pork mince, and finish with the green parts of the spring onion, sesame oil, sesame seeds and maybe some chopped peanuts. We have it with some rice, and sometimes add shredded cabbage just after the pork.
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I really like Drunken Noodles. The recipe calls for fresh rice noodles, but I have no problem using the dried ones and cooking them according to the package before hand.
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Enchilada Casserole

1 lb meat (ground beef, pork, or turkey)
10 oz can of enchilada sauce
1 onion, diced
1 cup cheese, grated
2 Tablespoons oil
Salt and Pepper

Heat oil in pan, sauté onion; reserve onions for later. Brown meat in same pan, when done add the onion, and enchilada sauce. Heat to low simmer, salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with cheese, serve.

Normally I would tear 8 corn tortillas into strips (1/2 in x 2 in) and add them after the sauce, but before the cheese, and cook until they are softened. But carb on the side and all. This is just a variation of the recipe on the can and is very quick to cook.

Options: add some zucchini with the onion. Molé style, add 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter and a tablespoon of cocoa powder (I also like a teaspoon of cinnamon).
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There is a Chinese (?szechuan) classic dish of fried green beans with pork mince. It is delicious and there are lots of recipe variations on the theme online. I'd encourage you to try it with a little more ground pork if using it up is a priority as the beans are the focus.

You could try Chinese style pork and eggplant too. Yum.
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Bolognese Sauce
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Mapo tofu is one of my favorite dishes.
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If you have access to an Asian grocery (for the pickled cucumbers) you can make insanely delicious gua zhe rou.
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Chilli, with canned beans?
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Mayi shang shu - not sure of the proper westernization of that one, but it's tasty. Usual translation is "ants climbing a tree". It's sichuan, and usually served spicy. Simple too. Here's a slightly different recipe.
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Ground pork can be used to make tasty burgers, mini-burgers (sliders), or meatballs.
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I agree, mapo tofu! I use this mix (which is labeled Mabo Tofu, but I'm fairly confident it's the right thing). I buy it in mild and use far more pork than they recommend (~1/2 lb pork, 1/2 packet tofu). I've found it at several Asian groceries (of the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean varieties) in the Boston area.
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1) Brown the ground pork, then add a cubed zucchini, mix well, and cook until the zucchini is soft and shiny, around 5-10 minutes. I often add a few tablespoons of (tomato) pasta sauce to bind it together a little, and some oregano or basil.

2) The above, with shredded cabbage instead of zucchini.

3) Brown the ground pork with some minced garlic, and then add large amounts of torn-up kale (without stems). Cook until the kale has wilted.

Ground beef is usually fatty enough that you don't need to add oil to these recipes; not sure about pork.
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