Fibromyalgia specialist in Colorado?
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Fibromyalgia specialists in the Colorado area?

I have a friend who suffers badly from fibromyalgia and has exhausted the treatment options available in our country. She is visiting family in Colorado for a couple of months and able to travel within reason.

So. How would one locate physicians in that area who specialise in fibromyalgia? And as a long shot, who is well thought-of?
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You didn't say where in Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Springs, western slope?) so you might have some luck starting here:

Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association which is based in Denver.
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Whoops, hit enter too soon - they offer a
list of medical providers here.
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Response by poster: About an hour out of Boulder, I understand.
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NUCCA chiropractic care may be a good option. It's beyond traditional but there are plenty of testimonals to support its potential to help or cure fibromyalgia. Google fibromyalgia and NUCCA. There are several doctors in the Denver/Boulder area.
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