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I'm in the Dulles area of Virginia outside of DC. Where do I go for a project management certificate? Or a similar quality experience?

I'm being offered ordered into a promotion, and overall I'm positive about it. The exception is in my project management skills, where I feel I need work. My experience managing others has been on small/small-ish (3 wks) rapid-response tasks or within the context of a single large, ongoing project where schedules, deadlines, and deliverables were set long before it fell to me to crack the whip and parcel out sections. That part I'm fine with, but more formal procedures for generating and managing schedules? That's voodoo, man - I studied comp sci and english lit (back when dinos roamed the earth, compared to some of my cow orkers). I'll write you a sonnet about the O(n^2) of a selection sort but Microsoft Project scares me.

So, I'd like to make accepting the gig contingent on sending me to project management training. This likely won't be a problem - we have an ill-managed and executed but reasonably well-funded continuing education benefit . The problem is... which one? Being the DC area there's no shortage of programs and schools but I don't know which are any good. UVA's certificate program? George Mason's? Some other one that's great but I don't know exists?

So - where do I go? Where have you gone, your friends gone, what have you heard about where? The certificate programs appeal because nobody ever suffered from having another bell&whistle on their resume and I am loathe to go through all the hoops to get in a formal grad program, but I can certainly be talked into other options. Quality of lernin' is more important than resume fodder.
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check out PMI for registerred education providers in your area. their PMP certification seems like it is of some value.
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I don't have the PMP certification, but I have taken a class offered by PMI (it was a two day in Orlando) and thought it was definitely worthwhile, so I second mdpc98. The local DC chapter would be a good start.
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