Adapter Woes
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My perfectly-functional USB wireless adapter doesn't work with my new computer.

I've used an Airlink101 wireless USB adapter for around half a year with no problems. After getting a new computer, I decided to continue using it, but - surprize, surprize! it stopped working. The motherboard isn't at fault, for I tried changing it to another model with no effect, and neither is the OS, as it was a fresh install. The adapter isn't broken, for it still works with my old computer. What's going on?

Symptoms: the connection has an X through it and says "wireless network unavailable", while running ipconfig/all reveals that the adapter is "disconnected". The adapter still sees wireless networks, but can't connect to them.

OS: Windows XP Pro
Original comp: P4 2.8ghz
New comp: Athalon 64 3800+
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Did you reinstall the drivers? I know I'm being obvious, but you didn't specify. Can you try using it with a Linux "live cd" on the same computer?
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