Where to go in St. Jo?
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What is there to do in St. Joseph, MO?

I will be spending the weekend there, and want to know what the city has to offer in terms of FUN. Bars, food, music, etc. Anything off the beaten path would be neat, as well as things geared toward the college age crowd. I have a feeling there's not a whole lot to do there, so if anyone has suggestions, let me know.
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Fun in the "day with grandparents" sense you surely mean? KC is less than an hour away ...
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If you are into history, St. Jo could be interesting. I drive through St. Jo on my way to Omaha frequently and they seem to promote their connection Jesse James quite a bit, so I would expect that they probably have a museum dedicated to that era. this web site has a list of attractions.

The visitors center is really nice - I have been there and they should be able to point you in the direction of some fun things to do.

Some of the scenes from an upcoming Brad Pitt movie were filmed around St. Jo, as well. I would guess that they could probably direct you to the shooting locations too.
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St. Joseph was the eastern terminus for the Pony Express, and The Pony Express Museum and the Patee House are worth a visit. The Glore Psychiatric Museum might fit your definition of "offbeat." There are not, as I recall, a lot of unique dining opportunities in St. Joe, but there are surely many, many "value" meal opportunities. The steaks and prime rib at the Frederick Inn Steakhouse are reliably good.
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There is Zona Rosa in North KC. It shouldn't be too much of a drive from St. Jo.

Honestly, it's a dead town. If you can, go south to Westport or the Country Club Plaza in KC.
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Response by poster: I figured it was a dead town, but no harm in asking, right? Thanks for the input everyone.
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According to the city's own thrilling events calendar, St. Joe is action packed!
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