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Social Network Safari Hunt - Help me find my friends!

I've recently taken the time to mass-update my contact list on both Plaxo and Yahoo! I am also an early adopter on many, many social networks. However, I am so tired of having to wait for my friends to find me and would like to import my contact list as a CSV to said service.

So far I've been able to do this with Facebook and got a note back that the folks at MySpace were fixing this broken feature of theirs. LinkedIn was an early-adopter of this concept as well.

I am very surprised that Flickr and LiveJournal don't allow for this feature - nor services like Twitter and Dodgeball. I can't figure out how to get my Yahoo! Addresses service to check for all my friends with a messenger account or a Yahoo! 360 account.

What other services DO have this feature? I stumbled across but haven't used it much yet.

Plaxo also notes which of my contacts have IM accounts - is there a way to auto-import them directly into AIM? What about Yahoo!
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I'm skeptical that you will find many sites that do this.

Turns out, P2P sites do not want you to have too many friends. If everyone on the site had many friends the site would ground to halt. All the interconnections mean more and more work on the back end to answer questions about your friends.

A few "superusers" with 1,000 friends here and there is fine. But if everyone averaged 100 friends, the engineering work would be significantly more expensive.

So why make it easy to add friends in bulk? Especially because most P2P sites run on the cheap!

(I know used to have a "friend finder" that dove into Outlook and parsed your contact list. But that's been gone for a while now.)
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