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I have been combing the social networks I use trying to find a way to link two of them. It's not a big list; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, and Wordpress. I know about IFTTT and Hootsuite, but I'd prefer to not use third party apps if possible. Facebook and Twitter of course, connect to almost everything. But I'm also trying to figure out how stuff I upload to Soundcloud can be posted on LinkedIn. And likewise, I can't get LinkedIn posts to show up my Facebook business page. Is it just not possible w/o 3rd party apps that will make posts I don't need? If there is a way, can somebody tell me?
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You can write your own app to do this kind of thing with all the various apis that are out there, but it's a hell of lot easier to use third party apps.
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Is it just not possible w/o 3rd party apps that will make posts I don't need?

IFTTT will not make posts beyond what you tell it to make, ie your content from one network to another.
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Response by poster: OK, I've capitualated and used IFTTT, which is pretty good. But, two networks connect to Facebook, but two don't. I've tried to connect the two that don't to Facebook by the apps inside them, and with IFTTT. No luck in either case. Why did two apps (Soundcloud and YouTube) have no problem, but two (Linkedin and Wordpress) won't connect to Facebook through either with their own apps or IFTTT?
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