Static my pants
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How can I prevent static build up on (lined) wool pants?

All my nice pants are wool, and I have a professional conference to attend next month. In cold weather, my pants inevitably end up stuck all around my legs. I walk very quickly, but slowing down doesn't seem to help much.

To make the situation even worse, my winter coat is also wool, and it may well be cold enough that I'll need that, too.
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have you tried Static Guard spray? It works for me.
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Also rubbing down the garment inside and out with a dryer sheet should fix it.
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The sole reason that I can wear anything in wintertime: Static Guard. I'm with jessicak. I spray it on my legs and on my outside pants.
If that wears off too quickly for you (which it shouldn't) moisturize your legs well. I do this when I run out of Static Guard.
Though, I have never combined the two.
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Response by poster: I've tried Static Guard - I forgot about that. It wore off very quickly and the smell was horrible. I kind of tried the dryer sheets, too, but I may not have been thorough enough with those. Time to mention that I have incredibly dry skin - in winter, it can only be controlled to the point of being very dry and flaky as instead of cracked open and bleeding.
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Moisturising works perfectly for me. No static, lovely soft skin, nice smell.
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Best answer: I heard of pinning a small safetypin on an inside seam of the pants will allow the static to discharge. Haven't tried it myself yet.

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