The nicest flatcap... in the world!
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Looking to give my dad the nicest tweed or wool/cashmere flatcap money can buy. I'm talking about "By Special Appointment to HRH..." level of nice-ness, not "Kangol makes some pretty slick lids" level of niceness.

My father has had a succession of Filene's Basement/Marshalls/Century 21 etc. flatcaps. I'd like to get him a very, very nice tweed or wool/cashmere flatcap, so that he can traipse around the Moors (or possibly the Upper West Side) in the height of classic style.

Again, to be clear, he has plenty of hats at his disposal, and an endless number of pretty good hats can be had for $20-30 bucks around town. I'm looking for a bona fide luxury hat (of a casual sportsman sort) worn by nobility since 1876 or some such and crafted in the Hebrides by old ladies. No tam o' shanters, please!

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Best answer: The very best hats are made by Lock & Co., of London

(I still have my dad's made-to-fit top hat from Lock's, because although it doesn't fit me, it's just so cool.)
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This may not be the nicest flat cap in the world but it costs $150 and is made by a heritage British maker of some kind. I have some familiarity with this seller (bought some very fancy shoe care stuff from him, easily the cheapest things he sells) and he is reliable and his stuff is as described.

Mr Porter also has some fancy hats - scroll down.
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(Mr Porter carries some Lock & Co.)
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Goorin Bros makes very nice hats. Everything's 20% off today only!
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Seconding Goorin Bros. And if (as your location suggests) you're in Boston, you can go to the store on Newbury Street in person and see how you feel about the quality. My household has collectively bought something like 15 hats from them over the years, ranging from $15 to $175, and we have NO REGRETS.
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A made-to-order model from the Harris Tweed Shop is probably the best thing you could get. Also worth taking a look at Lawrence & Foster.
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Paul Stuart caps are really nice. They don't appear to have their cashmere selection on their website, but I can tell you they are next level luxury. Their customer service is generally really great; they may be able to e-mail you photos of their cashmere options from the store.
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"By Special Appointment to HRH..."
I forgot to add that Locks really are "by appointment to HRHs PofW and DofE" (Brian and Keith, that is - Brenda doesn't wear men's hats) so that's on the label in the hat.
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I second (third?) Goorin Bros. if you'd like a chance to check out your options in person. The Irish Imports store on Mass Ave in Cambridge also has a lot of nice-looking flat caps which I'm sure are made from genuine Irish tweed etc.
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Response by poster: Lock & Co. it is!
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