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What is going to be the Myspace of 2007?

About a year or so ago, I loved being on Myspace. I found a lot of old friends and made a lot of new ones. Obviously, I don't have to tell you that Myspace is now saturated with just about everyone on the planet (ok, not EVERYONE, but you get my point). I mean, when I first joined, I was in network #12 million. Now, I'm in #140 million. Back when I first got on myspace, almost everyone that emailed or IMed me could actually spell. Now, an hour doesn't go by that I don't get a "hai bb how u doin dam u luk gud grl u wanna fuk?" That, plus the profiles that will crash my browser, the fake profiles, the tooooons of bands.... oy.

My question: Myspace is getting old and it makes it near impossible to enjoy it like you could back a year or so ago. So what is going to take it's place? What is the new Myspace of 2007? I'd really like to know so I can go join and enjoy it before it gets saturated like Myspace has.
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Gopherspace. No,seriously.
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Yeah, Facebook is still a lot of fun, and the quality control is a lot better.
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Yeah if you're looking for literate people, facebook is a place to go. Based on your website you might be interested in some, I guess I would say flirtation and stuff. That really isn't present on facebook as far as I know (maybe if you look hard enough you could find it, I dunno)

I guess it depends on what you want to get out of the site too. Facebook isn't really for meeting new people or flirting, it's more about keeping tabs on your old friends (IMO)
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Important to note is the fact that Facebook, recently open only to college students, then high schools and certain companies, is now open to everyone.
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i predict that in 2007 everything that is old will be new again. The new "myspace" will be your bars, clubs, bowling alleys, beaches, mountains, whatever... and so on. any "computer" time will be spent getting faded with you friends playing doubles tennis on nintendo wii.

oh, and tonights winning lotto numbers are 23,1,5,31,22,19
money in the bank.
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Facebook doesn't look like...well, you know. Shit.

So, Facebook.
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I don't think it's Facebook. Like Myspace, it peaked about a year ago.

It's also important to note the number of users facebook alienated with its "new feed" feature. That was when I cancelled my seldom-used account (and I still maintain my myspace and --even dustier-- friendster accounts).
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correction: "news feeds." Sunday stupidity.
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In my experience about as many people who canceled their Facebook accounts because of News Feed as those who moved from the U.S. to Canada because Bush was elected. A few did, but most claimed they would and then didn't.
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facebook already is big. I suppose the place to look for up-and-coming sites is tech crunch.
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If they fix the client my bet is on Democracy.
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"Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." -- Yogi Berra

You're asking "Where is the cool place that only the cool people will go to?" Well, even if there were any cool people here, why would they tell you? You are part of the crowd they're trying to escape from!
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Friendster. Seriously.
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Stickam would be my guess. That is, of course, if the pedophiles don't take it over.
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MySpace and facebook are the alpha and omega of social networking sites. Google and other major corps have already committed hundreds of millions of dollars into these two. The game has already been won.
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vox, lol.

facebook already is big. I suppose the place to look for up-and-coming sites is tech crunch.

Another good site to keep up to date in the latest socal networking world is mashable
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Response by poster: Thanks for the comments so far, ya'll.

delmoi: I'm only interested in using it for meeting friends and promoting my websites. Nothing much more than that. As it is, I don't really pimp my paysite too hard on myspace. I have the URL posted a few places on my profile, but the common myspace user doesn't see the mentions - which is actually the way I want to keep it.

Steven CDB: eh, I don't really care about the popularity aspect of it. I suppose I worded that wrong. I liked myspace a year or so ago because there weren't alot of people on it as compared to now, but it was still relatively simple to find old friends. I have a profile on vox - I like the layout and how unmyspacelike it looks... but I don't really find a lot of people on there that I'd be interested to talk to. Ok, that sounds snobby, but I promise it's not.
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Cyworld. It's already bigger and more profitable than myspace.
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Dammit, wrong window. Sorry. Ignore that.
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Best answer: Hi, welcome to MetaFilter. Take a look around.
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I really hope that something better than Facebook becomes the new big thing. But it was what you're describing. (While opening it beyond college is good for the people that don't have access that way, it also makes it less useful for the college crowd.)
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Facebook is still more literate than Myspace, but I don't know how long that will last. Perhaps its new open membership policy will attract people like damnjezebel who are looking to escape from the idiocy of Myspace, or perhaps it will just attract the Myspace idiots.
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I'd second Vox, actually. It's set up for ease of use and lack of annoyance (which is MySpace's major downfall - just because you CAN customize it doesn't mean you SHOULD because dude... you ain't go no taste).
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The Impersonals? I kid.

No, as much as I hate to say it, I think Consumating is going to hit it big (well, bigger) really soon.
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vox, lol.

why do you say that, delmoi? more curious than anything. I just started using it. My social networking site it Tribe.net but we know that's got it's limited audience.
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No, as much as I hate to say it, I think Consumating is going to hit it big (well, bigger) really soon.

Doubtful. It seems that all the big social networking sites- first Friendster, then MySpace and Facebook- start with the real world connections (adding school friends, etc). Consumating seems to be more of an online popularity contest. One of the only sites on which I've ever deleted my account.
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A boy can dream!
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It depends on what you are using MySpace for. If you want to find the cool kids, yeah, you should look somewhere else. There will always be a new fringe site for meeting people. If you want to stay in touch with old friends, MySpace is here to stay. You can't expect 150m to jump ship quite so easily.

What you hate most about MySpace is precisely why it's here to stay for the long haul. This isn't GeoCities and massive isn't even the right word, it's damn near universal at this point. People who don't even know what a modem is are able to set up customized pages and stay connected. While that can be annoying if you haven't adjusted your privacy settings*, it's a good thing if you're trying to stay connected with your real social network.

I get bulletins, comments, and mail from computer illiterate family members, friends, and former students... none of whom would be able to find me online easily otherwise. My own sister couldn't figure out how to email me from my website. I'm glad she has MySpace to hold her hand.

* Goto Account Settings > Privacy Settings, then make your profile invisible to non-friends. You can also adjust it so that only people who know your last name will try to add you as a friend.
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If you're looking for something less crowded, LiveJournal is still kicking.
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the tooooons of bands.... oy.

...MySpace was created FOR bands.
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If you want to stay in touch with old friends, MySpace is here to stay.

Being here to stay doesn't mean it will stay usable, or worthwhile to use (and it was pretty crappy a year ago, so I'm not sure what the original poster was getting at).

A person would be better off keeping their myspace page up simply as a method for people to find them, and using a vox blog, or personal blog for staying in touch. This is nonsense that myspace is the best way to stay in touch. Would you rather your 90 year old grandma check out your vox or myspace? There's nothing special about myspace that gives it an advantage over something like vox. If person X can't figure out how to email you when viewing your vox site, she probably shouldn't be near a computer.

vox, lol.

why do you say that, delmoi?

If I remember correctly delmoi is a big fan of myspace. LOL.
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Myspace will probably be the Myspace of 2007.
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I hope that it is something that is more democratic in its layout and features. Myspace has payola written all over it. Its tough to pick it, I suppose most of us will tell you when we switch over BUT more likely we will all add one more site and have one more useless account to check each day in addition to four email addresses and meta and myspace and facebook and....

Maybe paleoindian is right, we should get outside.
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If enough people knew about it for you to get a good answer here, it would already have jumped the shark. If you wanna be an early-adopter, you gotta do the leg-work.
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Perhaps yelp? I quite like the idea of sharing your opinions and experiences with the community (plus, you can maintain your own profile on the site, as well).

I'd be a bit weary of posting pictures on there, however. It's like an instant invitation for stalking ("Here's who I am, and here's where I'll be!").
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I think Second Life (http://www.secondlife.com) is going to end up being the "it" thing within the year. If the current 2nd life doesn´t do it I suspet it shall be some sort of offshot whcih is more visually / spatially interactive.
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