Posting One Thing to Many Blogs?
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What is the best way to share my blogging when I have different friends on myspace, livejournal, blogspot, facebook. etc.

I currently have a myspace blog, a livejournal, and a blogspot blog where I triple post my content. I also sometimes will write facebook notes with the same post.

I'm wondering if people have advice about how to streamline this process and have one application do this for me. Either XP or OS X is a possibility. Is there an easy (free?) way to write something once and have it show up everywhere?

Secondly, does anyone have any experience with trying to integrate multiple blog services into one location. Ideally, the people who like to read me on facebook or myspace or livejournal would all just visit a single blogspot blog and make things easy for me, but I'm not sure they actually will (and these are people who don't know what RSS readers are). Checking their livejournal friends page is probably easier than clicking over to my own separate blogspot blog once a week (if they remember), so I want to keep all the readers, I just don't like having to triple post what I write in all those places.
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Facebook will syndicate your notes in from RSS. You can do this with Livejournal too.
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Try Tumblr --
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I write my blog on Blogspot and use Feedburner to publish an RSS feed of the blog and post it to my personal webpage. I also use the "Import blog" option in Facebook Notes to simultaneously update the blog posts to Facebook. Don't use Livejournal or Myspace though, so I can't help you there.
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You can add an RSS feed to LiveJournal as a paid user at their syndication page. If you're not a paid user, you can ask someone to add it at (or I can do as it is close to 0 effort)

A friend of mine has some method of getting her Myspace blog to mirror her other blog. Can't figure out how she did it.

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Scribefire is the new name for Performancing for Firefox, a blogging extension. I recall that Performancing was able to post to myspace blogs, so you could simultaneously post to multiple blogs at the same time through one interface. I can't tell if the new version under this new name still supports myspace, and I'm not willing to install it to find out right now, but it would be the most ideal solution, just to use one app to post to all your networking/blogs at once.
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Actually a quick look at the extension entries on the mozilla site shows that Performancing needed another extension on top to work with myspace. Not sure if that one will work with Scribefire, but it's worth a shot. Be aware though, that Myspace changes its setup quite frequently and has no API so any external tools break with every change.
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similar to yevge's post, tumblelog services such as tumblr and soup will collect all your posts from various sources into the one page.y
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Another way to aggregate your entries across 28 different services is

Might be of use in some way to get everything in one place. Maybe not.
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