Is this LCD a bad idea?
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Would it be foolish for me to purchase this Apple 17" Studio Display?

In Canadian terms the price seems to be right, and it would make a nice replacement for my hulking old 19" CRT which I also run at 1280x1024. It would also look good next to the 15 inch MacBook Pro that I'll be getting in the next few days.

My main concerns are that this screen might be of poor quality, or outdated for lack of better terms. Should I look at something else instead? I'm obviously going for style here, but as the second monitor on an extended desktop there's also a bit of function to consider. Also, would Ineed an adapter to connect it to a 15 inch MacBook Pro?
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I have one, and it's a perfectly lovely LCD. But for not much more money, you can get a much nicer and larger display. (And, personally, I think the plastic Apple LCDs look dated.)

The MacBook Pro can drive up to a 30-inch LCD, so it can definitely work with most anything you'll connect to it.
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yes it would be foolish. buy a brand new 17" (from any manufacturer) linked from DealMac instead.

A five year old monitor won't look too sharp next to a brand new MBP. It will look like a dim, five year old monitor designed to look good next to a G4.
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Best answer: Also, would Ineed an adapter to connect it to a 15 inch MacBook Pro?

Yes. Clear plastic Apple LCDs all* have an ADC connector. You need an Apple DVI to ADC adapter box, which costs around $99, or not much less than a no-name 17 inch LCD.

(* apart from the first gen Cinema Display)
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When I first saw the monitor you speak of, I thought it was one of the most beautiful pieces of hardware I'd ever seen. But they are starting to look dated now, even to my eyes.

Apple's new studio displays look sharper and cleaner—less like the glassy Aqua/Graphite themes, more like the Brushed Metal theme. More G5, less G4.

A solid Samsung SyncMaster or equivalent LCD might also be a good choice, for a lot less.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for those 2nd-gen studio displays, though, and I'd say if you like 'em, get one—especially at that price!
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Best answer: We've got one of those next to a similar Dell monitor in a two-monitor configuration here. The Apple display's nicer, even if it's older. The lifespan is based on use, not age.

Its ADC plug is not compatible with the DVI jack on the MacBook Pro, so you'd have to buy a us$100 adaptor. Unless you specifically want this display, you can get a bigger monitor for the total expense, or spend less for a third-party display of the same size.
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The technology is also older, meaning that the response time is a lot slower.
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For a couple hundred more, I'd recommend this instead:

Dell 2007WFP Widescreen Motherfucker

The picture shows a 4:3 display, but I have this model sitting on my desk, and it's widescreen, as the description says. Very awesome display, and works perfectly with my MacBook Pro.
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Response by poster: For the record, I totally splurged on a 23" apple wide screen.
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