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Domain Name Purgatory: I cannot change the nameservers on a domain I purchased despite the fact that I'm paying TWO companies for it...'s the deal:

I purchase a domain several years ago from 1&1. I saw a 5-year special with Yahoo so I purchased it from them as a transfer.

I had never transferred a domain name before and I thought it was automatic. However, 1&1 charged me again. I asked why they were doing it and they told me that a domain could be registered with two companies.

I told them to cancel it, that I had it registered with Yahoo. They said ok.

Finally, I am getting around to using the domain but yahoo says I need to change the name servers at 1&1 to point to them. 1&1 tells me that I can't change the name servers because the account is cancelled and that yahoo should change the servers.

I've been emailing both companies for three weeks and both are insistent that they can't do anything and that the other needs to fix it.

Meanwhile, I've paid BOTH of them and I can't use to domain.

I admit that this is my fault for not handling the transfer properly but how do i fix this?
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What exactly is the service that Yahoo is offering (that you're paying for)?
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Response by poster: sorry...domain name registration.
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Response by poster: it's registered through yahoo...i see it on the control panel. but they tell me i need to go to 1&1 to change the nameservers.

meanwhile 1&1 says they cant do that because my account is cancelled and that i should be able to do that through yahoo.
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If you don't want to mention the domain in public, drop me an email (it's in my profile) and I'll see what the Whois databases say... should be able to figure out who's responsible and help you.
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Response by poster: thanks malor. send you an email with the name.
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I think we've got him figured out... he's the owner of record on his domain. The technical and billing contacts are 1+1. I've told him that he has to deal with the registrar, and gave him the WHOIS dump to show him what's going on and where to go.

Hopefully, he'll be able to figure it out from here.
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Aggggggghhhhhhhhh... I have no advice but wanted to send you a nod of the head because I experienced the same thing. I renewed the domain through a host, and when I changed hosts, I had a hell of a time wresting control of my domain from the old one. Fortunately the first host was a Tucows reseller and Tucows offers a help service if you can't get help from your own registrar. I'm sure there has to be a route for you. Good luck.
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Just in case... I sent this in email, but I'll also post it here. Your domain expires November 26, so you need to renew it very soon!
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Response by poster: yeah, having very little luck. the registrar isn't getting back to me (they're german, so they have no thanksgiving excuse). if anyone has any ideas what to do, please tell me!
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Let it expire (which is today/tomorrow) and then renew it with a reputable host.
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NO... please god, I hope you didn't let it expire. Domain names are no longer going through regular expiration and deletion cycles. If this name is at all important to you do not let it go. I'm hoping they've gotten back to you by now.
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Well -

So, is there some kind of reference point for this out there? What's the deal, flamingbore?
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strawberryviagra - no, and that's part of the problem. Registrars are starting to play fast and loose with the policies that have been set forth by registries and their "rules" seem to be changing quickly.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a site dedicated to this kind of thing but and already busy like you wouldn't believe, but maybe I just need to bite the bullet and do it anyway.
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Goodonyou FlamingBore.
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