Who should host my freelance writing site?
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I'm seeking web-hosting recommendations for my freelance writing and editing business.

The specs: I'd like to post my profile (background, areas of expertise, skiill set, etc.) and some clips and contact info. I know a smidgen of HTML, but not enough to build something from scratch. A handful of e-mail addresses would be nice, too. In other words, nothing too fancy-schmancy. Clean and professional-looking are what I seek, as well as ease of use (for changing copy, uploading PDFs, etc.). Any freelancing MeFis wanna share whom they're happy with?
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Are you looking for hosting or design?

My vote for hosting goes to Nearly Free Speech. I had DreamHost before them but (a) it was too expensive to renew after the initial discounts ended and (b) they sort of had a meltdown, which you can read about by Googling around a bit.

If you're looking for design, I can happily recommend my friend at Ink Stain Design.
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Hi, veggieboy, and thanks for the recommendations. Mostly I'm looking for hosting that includes reasonably easy and professional-looking DIY design options. Thanks!
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I've been with www.1and1.com for a year now, and I am happy with them. They have a referral program where I would get a free month if you sign up for that, but I think Ask Meta has rules against my posting the referral link, so I won't.

They are not the greatest, but I haven't had any real problems. And they are cheap. Three domains and 500 email addresses for $35/quarter is not a bad package. You can get cheaper than that, I think they have a five dollar a month package.
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I really like DreamHost. You can easily get a good discount since many users will split the generous referral fee with you.

They have a one click install robot that will let you quickly setup a number of different apps so you don't have to know HTML to make a site. They even install a number of themes when they install WordPress so it doesn't look so terribly generic right off the bat.
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Thanks, MOC and ap. Anyone else around to chime in?
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I like Lonex and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. It includes SiteStudio.
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