What's a good silver watch for a 16-year old girl?
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Charity Gift: 16-year-old girl wants a silver wristwatch. Price range is about $35. No other information available about the girl; anonymous gift from tree at work. What hip watches meet these criteria?
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Fossil has several and they are nice looking, although you are at the low end of their price range.
Here's one for $37. And here's another for under $40. Amazon seems to have decent pricing on the Fossils.
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I would go with a simple silver watch with a round or oval face and silver band. The first one cushie links to is ideal. There are a lot of trendy things out there, but since you don't know anything else about the girl, I would stick with something basic and classic.
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As the owner of a Swatch-wearing 16 year old girl, they rule. Zillions of styles, great warranty, and you can get a hip-looking one for around fifty bucks -- although it won't actually be silver.
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I'm guessing that by silver, she means a silvery metal such as chrome -- as opposed to black, all-plastic, golden, or other popular watch finishes.
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Best answer: I would head to your nearest Nordstrom Rack. They always have big racks of women's watches, often good ones for fairly cheap. As sulaine said, I would stick to classic rather then trendy, silver band, neutral color face, probably black. The nice thing about the Rack is that they normally have at least 100 watches, so there's definitely a lot of choice.

Also, yay for you being a nice person!
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Last time I was at Costco (YMMV, and also, do you have Costco where you are?) they had Fossils there for about $29, and they were quite nice looking.
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I second (third, whatever) the Fossil suggestion. Pretty much any basic silver girl's watch they make is trendy but widely-appealing enough to be a safe bet.

Also, if there's a Fossil outlet in your area (I know, probably a long shot) try that: the one around here has a huge selection, and plenty of silver watches that a 16 year old would like -- for $20 or so.
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Fourthing the Fossil suggestion. They are okay quality, in that range, and hip.
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Best answer: Another vote for Fossil: their watches can be sized without any tools as they use "clip links" for a link or two on each watch that can be easily taken in or out. This works great since you don't know her size.
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Fossil is good. And there are lots of cool watches at Target.
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nthing the Fossil suggesting and seconding the Target suggestion as well. I was 16 not too long ago - if I wanted a silver watch, it would be classic and have a nice round face, not square.
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Best answer: Feh on Fossil. As far as inexpensive silver watches go, I've had pretty good luck with my Mossmio (similar to this one and was certainly happy with the value. The finish has taken something of a hit on the band 'round my sweatier bits which might make it less of a boon for a gift, especially if your gift tree is for the underprivledged (as truly only rich people can afford to continuously replace Cheap Crap, though at sixteen it may last longer than her taste for it) but I can't say that Fossils or anything in that price range would hold up much better.

And, with a nod to MisSarah and Mudgirl, also from Target.
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I got a lovely Anne Klein round-face stainless steel watch from TJ Maxx for $25 this summer, and they ALWAYS have those in stock. I recommend checking them out or Ross/Marshalls depending on what is near you.
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Best answer: Speaking as a teenage girl, go for the Fossil watch, if your budget allows it. Otherwise, go for something that is simplistic, but still pretty.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great answers; I appreciated the little details about selecting and owning these watches. I know someone who works at Target, so I'll probably head there to get that employee discount.
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