What is the Japanese photographer saying in Lost in Translation?
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What is the Japanese photographer saying in Lost in Translation? [more inside]

When Bill Murray's character is doing his photo shoot, there's an extended sequence where the photographer is rattling off lengthy directions, and the translator just says things like "more intensity". I realize that this is supposed to be a commentary on this kind of thing, but I'm curious as to what he's actually saying. Not looking for a word-for-word, but if any Japanese speakers could clue me in, I'd be grateful :).
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It was in the NYT a little while ago, but someone posted the text of that article to a list I'm on, so you can read it there.
posted by adamrice at 11:06 AM on February 4, 2004

Great, thanks!
posted by mkultra at 11:34 AM on February 4, 2004

Isn't that bit with an advert director? The photographer is a different guy that comes later and wants him to act like Roger Moore. Or did I imagine that?
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Orange Goblin: you're right. The hipster ad director is the one ranting in (unsubtitled) Japanese. In a later scene a photographer rattles off names like James Bond and Frank Sinatra.
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director, photographer... tomato, tomahto... ;)
posted by mkultra at 11:18 AM on February 5, 2004

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