What's it like Victoria Falls/Zimbabwe?
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How safe is Victoria Falls on the Zimbawe side?

I found this thread but am wondering if anybody can share their recent experience with Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. My wife and I are planning on staying at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in January for a few days, flying in from Johannesburg and returning after a few nights. We would consider re-routing to Zambia if anybody can provide good first-hand info, but have found that most places on the Zimbabwe side are booked at this point and from most of what I have read, it sounds like the areas around Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe are fairly safe. Now that the trip is getting close, I'm getting a bit nervous. We're from the US. Thanks!
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Feature article on this in Sunday's NY Times travel section. You may have to register but it is free. Hope things work out for you.
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If you don't want to bother registering, you can often find other sites replicating the registered NYT stuff, all you have to do is google for the title.
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I was there last month. Both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides of the falls are covered in resorts, and it's highly unlikely you will even encounter any of the natives outside of a service industry/sales position. Other than possible theft from your room, you should have no worries.

We were staying at the Royal Livingstone on the Zambia side of the falls, but we took a taxi across the bridge to Zimbabwe to look around. It was all more of the same, tourist-wise.

BTW, make sure to spring for a helicopter ride. What makes Victoria Falls special isn't the waterfalls themselves: It's the relation of the canyon to the rest of the landscape. It's as if the Mississippi was just flowing along and one day a giant gash opened in the ground in front of the entire river. In any case, it's worth seeing from the air.

Also, you are basically a captive audience at these resorts -- so expect to pay out the wazoo for various things. In particular, I had to pay $18 to have a $100 traveller's check cashed. Next time I'll just bring cash; People in both Zambia and Zimbabwe prefer USD over their local currencies anyways...
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OK, so I work with a guy from Zimbabwe and he said that as far as crime goes, you should have no worries about walking around in the area you described. It is a very heavy tourist place and like most established tourism locales, they are loathe to bite the hand that feeds it.

That being said, he also warned about looking out for cons. He maintains that a lot of people will see a huge dollar bill walking around and will try to befriend you so that they might get some of that hot, sexy moola.

In otherwords, act like you're in NYC and you should be fine.
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Thanks! I tried marking these as best, but it doesn't look like it worked. At any rate, these are all great help.
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Thanks for asking this. Friends who have been there a lot (from Johanesburg) say Zimbabwe is best. Nothing especially dangerous (from a South African point of view).

Still haven't made the plans to get there. I'm bothered by the whole legalized homophobia thing. I travel with my same-sex spouse, and our South African visas state our relationship. Obviously not an issue for you.
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