Internet Games/Sites For Young Kids?
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Anyone have any recommendations for good websites/internet games for young kids?

This morning, my son accidentally erased the bookmark where I keep all his websites and games. I was able to find his old standbys without much trouble, but I lost a lot of other sites (including a few in Japanese) that I doubt I'll be able get back again. This thread from last year had a lot of good suggestions, but I'm hoping that there are recent additions Mefite parents can recommend for kids aged 4-7-ish. I'm interested primarily in engaging educational sites (science, music, reading) without too much TV character stuff, but good, simple entertainment games are appreciated too.

To avoid repetition, here's a list of his old faves:
PBS Kids
Sesame Workshop
Nick Jr
Wumpa's World
Lego Preschool
Learn To Read

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My 8 year old started playing LEGO's junkbot about three years ago. Frantically. Last week I heard familiar sounds coming out of his room, after a year of abstinence. We both played it way past bed time.
Lots of other really great games on the lego site (and some crappy ones too).
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My kids have loved since they could hold a mouse.
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National Geographic has everything from MadLibs to online quizzes to virtual pets.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the links, everyone. Tremolo1970, that Brainpop site is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. It's still under construction, but what's up looks really good. And althanis, thanks to you, I've found one of my long lost timewasters- the dreaded Destructo Match. Thanks, i guess.
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