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Hi, does anyone have any good recommendations for great web sites for 2 to 4 year olds?

My 2 1/2 year old has started getting interested in playing on the computer. I know a couple of sites for kids his age, but would love recommendations on other good sites for 2 to 4 year olds, particuarly ones that are educational, entertaining and easy for him to navigate (he's only using the mouse, not the keyboard at this stage). Thanks!
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This recent post on Parenthacks and its comments might be of interesting to you.
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D'oh! I meant "of interest" or "interesting", pick one...
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The games at Orisinal are simple, cute, and full of good music. I'm 21 and I love it.
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CBeebies and/or the BBC's children's site might have some good things.
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I second Boobah. I think that someone asked this question a few months ago though.
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Noggin has some good games/activities.
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Sesame Street's kids game site is pretty good for simple and educational games that are not time-dependent (there's no rush to beat a clock or catch things that move too fast), and probably has the most games of any of the suggestions here. Noggin comes in a strong 2nd in our family, followed closely by the Nick Jr. playtime site. Orisinal is pretty wonderful, but my kids (2 and 5) would be incredibly frustrated with those games - they require the speed/reflexes/mouse skills of a young adult, IMO. If you want your kids to be able to play a bit longer (more than 3 minutes), without the need for adult help to get to a new game (navigation on some of those lovely sites is really hard for little hands), go on ebay and buy up the following (slightly dated but still great) CD-roms for 2-3 bucks each: any Huggly adventures, Maisy, the older curious george game, clifford games, and putt-putt games. My 5 year old still uses most of those, but started trying them out at 2 1/2 or 3.
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My kid has really liked this site for a while. You drag your mouse over a pyramid of teddybears and they fall down and bounce around.
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Here's a previous thread with lots of great suggestions.
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Best kids site I've found?
This place is amazing. Very high quality games and edutainment. No banner ads (which tend to confuse kids). Everything is safe for kids to click on. I can't say enough good things about it.
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I've been thinking recently that kids at that age might benefit more from exposure to a calculator more than a computer. They have their whole lives to have to use computers, but most kids (parents, too?) aren't ever very comfortable with math. So, I suggest getting your toddler a calculator (four function is fine to start with) and spending the time to show how it works. It is a great chance to work with them on counting skills and introduce them to addition. Plus, it's easier to curl up next to your kid with a calculator than a computer.
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Noggin, and not only because our own sad_otter works there.
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PBS Kids is the big fave in my household.
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Up to ten has always been a favorite here. There are loads of easy mouse and arrow-key games.
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